Top 10 Best Commercial Pressure Washers of 2017

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Best Commercial Pressure Washers 2017: Questions & Answers

What are commercial pressure washers used for?

A pressure washer (also known as a power washer) is essentially a really powerful hose. It’s extremely high pressure and is used to wash off mold, dust, mud, and dirt from the sides of a house, decks, boats, cars, lawn equipment, and driveways. It can also remove loose paint and clean out livestock stables, construction sites, and big commercial spaces, like warehouses.

How much power should an industrial pressure washer have?

The power on commercial or industrial pressure washers are most commonly measured in horsepower or volts and amps, if the engine is electric. The bigger the cleaning task, the more power is recommended. You should be careful about getting a pressure washer that’s too powerful, because the high-pressure water can actually damage cars and other items. You should also never spray a person with the hose. If you are cleaning a large commercial or industrial space, 10-12HP is a more than acceptable range.

What does PSI stand for?

After horsepower or volts, the next indication of a pressure washer’s power is the PSI. PSI stands for “pounds per square inch” and essentially measures how much force the water has. If you are just washing around your home (cars, boats, gutters, etc), a washer with a 1000-2000 PSI is a good place to start. For really difficult jobs, like stripping paint and for cleaning greasy, industrial spaces, the highest PSI is 3000-5000.

What are the benefits of a gas-powered pressure washer?

Gas-powered pressure washers have several advantages over electric ones. Gas-powered engines are generally a lot more powerful. They also don’t need to be plugged in, so you aren’t limited by the length of a cord. These two factors allow you to clean faster, which is better for large areas. Gas engines also tend to last longer than electric ones.

What are the benefits of an electric pressure washer?

The most obvious advantage of an electric pressure washer is that you don’t have to buy any fuel, and the washer doesn’t produce emissions. Electric engines are also smaller and lighter, which is important if you plan on moving around a lot with the washer as you clean. They are also a lot quieter.

How important is the pump on a heavy duty pressure washer?

The importance of a good pump really can’t be overstated. Without a good pump, your pressure washer will break down very quickly. All the high-pressure water comes through the pump, so if it isn’t strong and durable, that water will do a lot of damage to it. CAT makes really good pumps and are used by a lot of different brands. Pumps with a triplex design (which CAT uses) are also a good sign. These pumps use three plungers instead of one, and have a longer lifespan. They are also more efficient than other designs, and are commonly used in professional-grade pressure washers. The last piece to be aware of is the type of pistons the pump uses. Ceramic pistons allow the pump to operate at a cooler temperature, so the interior of the pump doesn’t wear out from the heat produced by the engine.

What should I look for in the hose?

Like the pump, the high-pressure water comes into direct contact with the hose, so the hose needs to be durable. Steel-braided hoses are very strong and don’t kink up. For convenience, a long hose is also a great feature to look for, as it allows you to move more freely without having to drag the actual body of the washer with you. A good hose will also include a durable spray gun and a variety of nozzle tips.

What are Quick-Connect tips?

Quick-Connect nozzle tips are nozzle heads that are usually located right on the pressure washer hose so you can snap them on and off, depending on your cleaning needs. These tips provide different water angles that are each suited to a specific cleaning job. This allows you more versatility and control over the speed and effectiveness of your cleaning. Some examples include a 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree tips.

What kind of nozzle tips should I get?

Before you choose your nozzle tips, think about what kind of cleaning jobs you’ll have. For getting rid of stains, a 0-degree tip would be a good choice. This nozzle shoots out a pencil-thin stream of water, so small areas are hit very hard with the water. 15-degree tips use a fan pattern which can be used to get rid of paint and mildew. The 40-degree fan tip is great for more delicate jobs, since the water is dispersed over a wider area giving less power but covering more surface at once. Washing glass and cars require this kind of delicate touch.

How much do commercial power washers weigh?

Commercial pressure washers can be really heavy, as in the 80-100 pound range or even more for heavy duty power washers. This is especially true with gas-powered engines, which are by design heavier than electric ones. If you need an industrial power washer with a lot of power, the engine will be bigger, so the whole unit will weigh more. Wheels and carts for your washer can help take off some of that weight, so you aren’t struggling to move the washer.

What features should a professional pressure washer’s wheels and cart have?

Wheels are necessary to support the pressure washer, and make it easier for you to transport the machine. If you need your pressure washer on rougher terrain, like at a stable or construction site, you will really rely on good tires. Large, pneumatic tires are always a good choice because they are maneuver smoothly and provide a lot of stability. Features like a shock absorber are also very useful to have on the cart.

Should I get a hot water or a cold water one?

When you’re looking at professional pressure washers, you will notice that some use hot water. These units tend to be more expensive, but depending on the cleaning job, are significantly more efficient. When added to soap, hot water breaks down grease, which cold water is just not able to do. If you’re cleaning a commercial kitchen or warehouse where oil and grease is common, hot water is the way to go. However, if you’re just planning on using your power washer for dirt, mud, and so on, cold water is able to do the job, and costs less.

How much do commercial pressure washers cost?

Pressure washers are considered pretty heavy-duty equipment, so they can be expensive. In general, the most affordable pressure washer you can get will cost you about $300-$500. This includes washers with gas-powered engines. You can probably find even cheaper electric ones with really low PSI. Washers start to get more expensive the larger their engines get. A high PSI also means more money. These are the truly commercial-grade washers meant for large professional cleaning jobs. These can cost between $1K and $2K, and even get close to $3000 or more for the most advanced and high pressured power washers.

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