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A Simple Deep Fryer

Smaller than the GranPappy model, this little deep fryer does everything its bigger counterpart can do. The FryDaddy has a built-in automatic thermostat that heats up the oil quickly to a temperature optimal for perfect frying. The inside and outside of the unit are both nonstick, making it very easy to clean. It comes with a slotted scoop for easy frying, lifting and draining. It is small so it doesn’t take a lot of counter space and it is easy to store. This deep fryer is perfect for making French fries, chicken, onion rings, jalapeno poppers and chicken as well as donuts and more.

User Friendly

With the FryDaddy, all you have to do is plug it in and wait for the oil to be ready. It can hold up to four cups of oil and fry about four servings. It comes with a plastic snap-on lid for easy carrying and storage. It comes with an instruction book that includes some recipes.

The Good

The FryDaddy is easy to use and easy to store. It features a handy scoop to make frying easy, as well as lifting and draining. This fry cooker is great for someone who doesn’t fry huge quantities at a time. It is great for a single person, a couple of a small family of four. It saves oil by making it easy to store right in the fryer once the snap-on lid is in place so that the oil can be used many times. The non-stick surfaces are easy to wipe clean.

The Bad

Although the unit is non-stick for easy cleanup, the unit isn’t dishwasher safe and should never be immersed in water. The FryDaddy doesn’t include a basket. Oil or grease spatter can happen so it is important to not over fill the fryer with oil to prevent this issue. Because it is a small, simple unit, the outside isn’t heat protected so it can get very hot. It is recommended to keep far from children or pets. It warms up synthetic countertops quite a bit, so a wooden base would help avoid warping of plastic countertops.

Minimalistic Look

The FryDaddy is a cute, simple and small appliance that can fit perfectly into small kitchens or dorms. It is black in color and its simple basket shape looks great on any type of kitchen décor and the black color can match any color palette seamlessly.

Overall Verdict

All in all this one little fryer does the job quick and easy. It can fry a variety of foods, as much as the mind can imagine. It is small and simple so it easily fits into small kitchens and the style and color make it easy to match any décor. It is not cool-touch so caution must be used when using this deep fryer. It is a great deep fryer for a couple or a small family. The non-stick surfaces are not dishwasher safe but still very easy to clean. The built-in automatic thermostat heals oil to 350 degrees in about 10 minutes. It is easy to store and saves oil when used to store said oil in the fridge so that it can be used multiple times.