Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush
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Worldwide recommended toothbrush brand with pulsating technology

Oral-B 3000 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that provides a professional daily cleaning action. Unlike brushes that just vibrate, Oral-B uses pulsating technology designed to break up plaque. It also uses oscillation and rotating motions that thoroughly clean any unwanted residue. Oral-B offers a two year limited warranty for this toothbrush and a 60-day money back policy. Its round head brush is designed for a tooth-by-tooth brushing that ensures a thorough cleaning.

Gum friendly head brush

Oral-B 3000’s head brush is made out of soft bristles that remove plaque and bacteria from all those hard-to-reach places, while not harming the gums at all. The so called Indicator Bristles` color slowly fades over time, letting you know when it is time to change the brush head though the manufacturer recommends replacing them at least once every three months.

Powerful and ergonomic

The Oral-B Professional 3000 uses 40.000 pulsating and over 8.800 oscillating movements per minute. It is equipped with a waterproof handle that also features an easy-to-read display that shows the charge level. Oral-B 3000 is compatible with a wide range of Oral-B toothbrush heads. These heads are easy to replace thus allowing for multiple choices that perfectly fit various oral heal needs.

Brushing modes and pressure sensor

The toothbrush features three different brushing modes: Daily Clean for the everyday brushing, Sensitive for those with sensible teeth (Sensitive mode works at a lower speed) and Whitening designed for granting a polishing effect on the surface of the tooth. The toothbrush is also equipped with a pressure sensor that alerts the user if he or she is brushing too hard as this can result in a poor cleaning or even damaging the toothbrush itself.

Battery lifetime

When fully charged, Oral-B Professional 3000’s battery can last up to seven days under normal usage circumstances. Using the charge level indicator, make sure you completely deplete the battery before recharging it to prolong its lifetime.


Pressure sensor makes you brush in a healthy way

Brushing way too hard can damage your gums. With this neat feature you will start brushing correctly in no time.

Round shaped brush head

The round shape of the brush head allows it to go into all those hard to reach places between your teeth thus doing a great job at cleaning plaque even on the inside part of the teeth.

Bracers friendly

The soft bristles on the brush heads are perfect for cleaning around braces.


Short battery life on the long run

After three months the battery stars dying, lasting for just 36 hours, instead of ten days.

Quite noisy

Oral-B 3000 is a powerful toothbrush and a powerful motor means a loud one.

Poor design makes it unsanitary

The brush heads are designed in such a way that germs can enter the plastic column.

Overall review

Oral-B 3000 is a great electric toothbrush and it surely does it job. It is powerful and efficient but it does not have a very long lifetime.