Tiller GX240 Honda 20 712GX-8-K
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Powerful rear tine tiller with a far-reaching tilling width, Honda engine, and effective gear system

At 20 inches, the BCS Tiller GX240 has one of the broadest tilling widths out there, making it ideal if you have a large garden or yard you need to cultivate. The whole machine is powered by a reliable Honda engine and effective ring-and-pinion gearbox built to last for years to come. If you have a really big yard or need a tiller for your landscaping business, this is the professional-quality tiller to consider.

GX240 Honda engine

As a Honda, the GX240 engine on the BCS #712GX-8-K is both reliable and durable. It’s a 4-stroke engine, which means it’s not only more fuel-efficient, but quieter as well. The tiller has 7.9HP, which is more than enough to take on really difficult, large projects that involve ground that’s never been broken or especially rocky soil.

Durable tines

The tines on this tiller are just as impressive as the engine. They cut a 20-inch width and go as far down as 8-inches, which is both wider and deeper than many rear tine tillers. This allows you to make fewer passes as you till, so the work goes by much quicker without losing its effectiveness.

Ring-and-pinion gearbox

The ring-and-pinion design on the gearbox essentially means that the gears are harnessing every inch of torque from the machine for use. This results in incredible efficiency and ensures you get the most out of the tiller on every use.


Forward/reverse drive

The gears on the BCS go both backwards and forwards. You have increased maneuverability which is very important on uneven, rocky, or hilly ground.


One of the BCS’ strengths is just its sheer power. With 7.9 HP and a lot of torque, the tines are more than equipped to handle any kind of soil they encounter, whether it be heavy and soft, or packed full of rocks. You have a lot of versatility about the kinds of jobs you can do with this tiller.

Ideal for hard, heavy soil

In addition to power, the rear tine design itself makes the tiller best-suited to hard, heavy dirt. The wheels are at the front while the tines are at the back of the tiller, meaning that the tines are able to turn heavy soil more effectively than if the design was the other way around.



This tiller is quite a bit more expensive than other comparable rear tine tillers. It was really intended for use by professional landscapers or if your yard is so big, cheaper tillers have failed. To justify the price, the tiller does have one of the broadest tilling widths and a really reliable engine, so you can work very quickly and can do so for a long time without the machine breaking down. It’s a good investment.

Overall Review

With its powerful engine and tines built for heavy soil, the BCS Tiller #712GX-8-K GX240 Honda Rear Tine Tiller is a great choice if you’re a professional landscaper, construction worker, or just have a really big, tough-to-till yard. It costs a bit more than other tillers, but it has more impressive features like a 20-inch tilling width, superior gear system, and a lot of horsepower. The tiller is primed for really rocky soil that’s never been broken.