Breville BTA830XL Slot Smart Toaster
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Motorized smart toaster with extra-long slots accommodates up to four slices

The Breville BTA830XL represents the premium in toaster technology. It is motorized with smart features, and has extra-long slots so you can fit any size slice. Push-button controls and a lift-and-look feature round out this impressive – and expensive – kitchen appliance

Extra-long slots

At 6-inches deep and 10-inches long, you would be hard-pressed to find bigger toaster slots. There are technically two slots, but you can fit two regular-sized slices in one slot, or an extra-long slice of bread.

Push-button controls

There are four push-button controls on this Breville: toast/cancel, bagel, frozen, and the lift-and-look. There aren’t a lot of buttons that might confuse you; the process is streamlined and effective. Since this is a motorized toaster, you just push buttons and the toaster does its thing.

Toasting progress indicator

Lit by LED, this toaster has a toasting-progress indicator on the side. This gives you a clear idea about when your toast will be ready so you plan accordingly. Knowing when to make a poached egg or other preparations is easy.


“A Bit More” time feature

Sometimes you just need a little extra time on your toast. Since you don’t get a manual lift on this toaster that you can pop down and up right away, there is a “A Bit More” button where you can add a little more time. This feature is smart, because it anticipates a potential problem with the motorization of the toaster and lack of a manual lift.

Sound alert

When your toast is ready, you can choose to have a sound alert go off. You can choose high, low, or mute it completely. You don’t have to babysit your toaster, and if you’re in another room, you can turn it to high so you’ll hear it the second the cycle is over.

Make adjustments mid-cycle

The lift-and-look feature is one of the coolest and most useful innovations on the BTA830XL. If you think your toast might be ready before its cycle is over, you can hit the “lift-and-look” button and check on it. If it isn’t ready, just hit “toast,” and the cycle will continue without interruption. This is another anticipation of a potential problem with the motorized toaster, so it shows the designers thought hard about things that might go wrong.



The Breville is very expensive. It is probably one of the most expensive toasters you could get right now. It has a lot of advanced features present in very few toasters, so you have to decide if the total motorization and other features like the long slots and lift-and-look are worth it.

Overall Review

The Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-slice toaster is very expensive and very advanced. It’s completely motorized, which means you control everything using the push-button controls. An LED progress bar lets you track your toast, and the convenient lift-and-look button lets you check the toasting without cancelling the cycle. The slots are extra-long for every cut of bread, so even slices from big gourmet rolls and loaves will fit. If you have been dissatisfied with every other toaster out there and want something truly different, this is a great option.