Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4-Slice Toaster
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Lightweight, versatile 4-slice toaster with dual custom controls and high-lift carriage

The Cuisinart CPT-142 is a compact, but versatile 4-slice toaster that gives you control over each set of toast with dual custom controls. Those controls consist of reheat, defrost, and bagel options. Even cleaning up is easy thanks to the removable crumb tray. Considering the options you get with this toaster, it’s very affordable.

Dual custom controls

With the dual custom controls, you can select the proper toasting settings for two slices of bread and two halves of a bagel, and so on. This division of controls lets you mix-and-match different bread so you can make breakfast for two people or more people, even if they don’t want the same kind of toast.

Reheat, defrost, and bagel options

Bagels toast differently than regular bread, so the toaster has a special button for bagels. The cut part of the bagel will get brown and toasty, while the heat to the uncut side is reduced. There’s also reheat and defrost options, so you can heat up previously-toasted bread or frozen breads, like waffles or pancakes.

Removable crumb tray

Making sure your toaster is free from crumbs is important for safety, since too many crumbs can cause a fire. The CPT 142 has a removable crumb tray so you can clean out your toaster on a regular basis.


Lightweight and compact

This Cuisinart is only four pounds, which is extremely lightweight. Most toasters can weigh 5-7 pounds, or more. Considering this is a 4-slice toaster, four pounds is very compact, so even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy a toaster that makes four slices.

High-lift carriage

To avoid burned fingers from reaching into the toaster after small pieces of bread, the Cuisinart has a high-lift carriage so bread pops out. This makes the toaster safer and more convenient, raising the slices above the toaster threshold and away from the still-hot heating element.

Wide slots

For thicker cuts of bread like bagels and rolls, this toaster has 1.5-inch slots. You don’t have to squish your bread flatter or trim it down, so you can use this toaster for a wide variety of breads.


Not super consistent

The main issue with this toaster is that it isn’t consistent. Oftentimes one side will burn while the other is perfectly toasted, or the bottom is more well-toasted than the top. Experimenting with time and flipping your bread over can help.

Overall Review

The little Cuisinart CPT 142 4-slice toaster is both affordable and convenient. Considering its price and size, it fits most cuts of bread and has a good array of features including defrost/reheat settings, browning settings, and a high-lift carriage. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced toaster with solid features, but don’t have a ton of space, this is one to consider.