Brushed Stainless Classic 4-Slice
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4-slice toaster w/ dual control panels, a high carriage, and pull-out crumb tray

The Cuisinart CPT 180 is a great toaster for families. With four slots available, you can make toast faster. Control each two-slice set with dual control panels where you can adjust browning and choose between toast selections. The extra-high lift carriage ensures you won’t burn yourself retrieving your toast, and a pull-out crumb tray makes keeping the toaster clean and safe convenient.

Dual control panels

With the dual control panels, you can make two slices of toast each for two different people. You can mix and match a English muffin, a bagel, bread, and so on, and can separately control two slots at once. This saves you a lot of time and ensures that everyone can have their toast the way they want.

High-lift carriage

Toast often pops up too low in the toaster, which results in you having to reach down to pull it out. You can easily burn yourself this way, and small bread like English muffins can get stuck. The carriage on the Cuisinart CPT 180 is designed to lift the bread high, so there are no more singed fingers or jammed toast.

Slide-out crumb tray

Getting crumbs out of a toaster can be a real pain, so the slide-out crumb tray on this toaster is a welcome feature. Keeping your toaster clear of crumbs is important for safety, since crumbs pose a fire hazard. Empty the tray frequently to keep your family safe.


Variety of toasting options

The Cuisinart CPT 180 allows you to personalize your toast. Using the browning dial, you can choose your perfect toast shade. You can also reheat and defrost, so food like pancakes, waffles, and homemade bread can be toasted, frozen, and then reheated again later.

Wide toast slots

At 1.5-inches, the slots on this toaster are wide to accommodate thicker cuts of bread. You don’t have to trim your toast or only toast certain kinds of bread.

Modern good looks

This toaster is made from bright, brushed stainless steel, adding a modern appeal to any kitchen, no matter the decorative style. To clean, simply wipe the surface with a rag or paper towel.



Cuisinart is an expensive brand, and the CPT 180 is an expensive toaster. However, it has a lot of solid features, and you won’t have to continue buying cheap toaster after cheap toaster, which can add up. You pay more now, but this toaster will last a while.

Some bread can take a while

Another possible issue with this toaster is that thick slices of bread can take a while to toast. They might even need to be toasted twice. If time is of the essence, you will have to choose thinner, faster-toasting pieces of bread. This isn’t a huge compromise, but it is something to be aware of.

Overall Review

The Cuisinart CPT 180 is a big, shiny toaster with reheat, defrost, and shade options for a variety of bread. Even wide slices fit easily in the 1.5-inch slots, though getting them toasted to your desire might take a while. Cleaning is easy with the pull-out crumb tray, and the high carriage protects against burned fingers. This toaster is expensive, but is made from brushed stainless steel and comes from a brand with a long, reliable history.