Stainless Steel Toaster
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4-slice toaster from Cuisinart w/ 7 shade settings, blue LED functions, and easy cleaning

The Cuisinart CPT 435 toaster has an impressive set of features, like seven shade settings for the perfect toast, LED-lit toast functions, and a removable crumb tray for fast, convenient cleaning. As a Cuisinart, this toaster is pretty expensive, but it offers durable construction and control over toasted foods.

Roomy 1-1/2-inch slots

For thick-cut pieces of bread and bagels, the Cuisinart CPT offers large 1.5-inch slots. No need to squeeze or trim bread into the toaster. You have more options about the kind of toastable foods you can prepare.

7 Shade settings

Most people eyeball their toast and don’t have a specific time they are going for. They have a clear idea of what brownness they want their toast – some prefer dark while others like their bread just barely warm. With the Cuisinart, you have seven shade settings you can choose from that are numbered from 1-7.

Removable crumb tray

It is very important to keep your toaster clean. Crumbs pose a fire hazard and burned bits can taint the taste of other toastables. This toaster has a removable crumb tray, so cleaning up is fast and easy.


Toast selections

One of the strengths of this toaster is the toast selections. There are defrost, bagel, and reheat, so you can defrost frozen bread, reheat pancakes or waffles, and toast bagels. That setting keeps the heat on the uncut side to a minimum and focuses browning on the side where you would spread butter, peanut butter, and so on. The selections are lit by blue LED and easy to find.

Countdown bar

Keeping tabs on your toast is easy with the LED countdown bar display. It countdowns from the time you selected, so you can prepare other parts of the meal and see how long it takes your perfect toast to heat up.

Stainless steel construction

Many toasters are made from plastic, so they aren’t super durable. The Cuisinart has a stainless-steel body, which is easy to wipe clean, and adds a shiny, modern appeal to every counter.



This is not a cheap toaster. Unless you like to spend a lot of money on your basic kitchen appliances, this is probably out of most budgets. However, if you do want to spend a bit more on a toaster that will last a long time, Cuisinart is globally-admired brand, and you get more features than you would on a cheap toaster.

Overall Review

Though it is expensive, the Cuisinart CPT 435 Countdown 4-slice toaster offers both wide slots for a variety of breads, control over toast shade and toast time, and easy cleaning. Stainless-steel construction helps ensure the toaster won’t wear out quickly, and defrost settings allow you to prepare and toast freezer foods like pancakes, waffles, and more.