Hamilton Beach Cool Touch Toaster
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Safe and easy-to-clean 4-slice toaster with wide slots and auto-toast selections

The Hamilton Beach 4-slice toaster is both safe and effective. It has wide slots for large cuts of bread, and fast, auto-toast selections for defrosting and toasting. Safe features like cool sides keep the toaster safe in the kitchen for everyone, while the removable crumb tray is easy and pull out and empty.

Wide 1.5-inch slots

Many toaster slots are too narrow for wider cuts of bread like ciabatta, but the Hamilton Beach 24121 has wide, 1.5-inch slots so just about every size slice easily fits and toasts. You aren’t limited to thin, store-bought bread; bigger homemade slices are also a great option.

Frozen and toast selections

Smart-function buttons make toasting up your breakfast or a snack easy. The Hamilton Beach Cool Touch has four: “bagel”, “frozen bagel”, “frozen toast” and “cancel”. With the ability to defrost, you can use your toaster for getting frozen bread, pancakes, and more ready faster.

Pull-out crumb tray

For all the crumbs produced by toasting bread, this toaster has two handy pull-out crumb trays, one for each side. They are clearly-labeled in white font, and make keeping your toaster clear and safe. You shouldn’t wait too long to empty out your crumb tray, because they pose a fire risk.


Toast boost

There’s nothing quite as annoying as when your toast pops up, and you have to reach your fingers into the toaster to try and get it out. You can easily burn yourself. The Hamilton Beach 24121 has a toast “boost” that lifts the bread high enough for you to get it without poking around in the toaster.

Safe auto shutoff

One of the safety features on this toaster is the auto shutoff. Sometimes your toast gets jammed and you have to pry it out. The toaster will automatically shut off when this happens, so you don’t get electrocuted or burned. This is especially good for the cases where you forget you need to shut off the toaster manually.

Cool sides

Toasters can get very hot and you or your family members can get burned. The Hamilton Beach is cool to the touch, so brushing up against the sides in a crowded kitchen isn’t dangerous.


Slots too short for some breads

Though the slots on this toaster are pretty wide, they are a bit too short for larger bread loaves. Bigger slices need to be trimmed, but with four slots, you’ll have plenty of toast.

Overall Review

The Hamilton Beach 24121 Cool Touch is an affordable, good-quality toaster with wide slots for four slices of bread. Though the slots are a little short, they are wide enough for thicker slices of bread. The toaster also has frozen selections for bagels and toast, so defrosting is convenient and fast. Features like cool sides and auto shut-off ensure you and your family’s safety.