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4-slice toaster with digital display and durable construction

The KitchenAid is an impressive 4-slice toaster with a technologically-advanced digital display as well as durable construction for longevity. You don’t have to guess or experiment with this toaster; using features like a countdown timer and shade dial, you can make the perfect toast every time.

4 extra-wide slots

All four of the slots on the KMT422ER toaster are extra-wide, so even thick-cut pieces of bread (ciabatta, homemade, etc) will easily fit. Another advantage is that with four slots, you can make breakfast for four people with one slice each, two with two, or just yourself, if you’re really hungry. All the toasted food gets done at the same time instead of what happens with a two-slice toaster, where you have to wait.

Digital display

The digital display on this KitchenAid toaster is very convenient. You can set a countdown timer so you don’t have to keep time in your head or with another kitchen timer. The progress bar is another useful way to keep track of your toast’s progression.

Auto-toast buttons

In addition the timer on the digital display, the toaster has four “auto-toast” buttons: bagel, reheat, defrost, and cancel. Bagels have a different consistency than toast, so having a specific function for it makes it easier on you. With the defrost, you can get frozen foods ready for toasting (like frozen waffles) while “reheat” just lightly warms up already-toasted food.


Durable materials

This 4-slice toaster is made of metal, so it’s designed to last. The sides do not heat up, so you can safely move around the toaster without burning yourself, and it has a convenient cord storage beneath the base.

Shade dial

If you aren’t sure about how long to toast your bread, but you do know what you want it to look like, you can use the shade dial that is included for all four slots. You can choose in a range from barely-browned to very dark.

More control

The greatest overall strength of this toaster is that you get complete control over your toasted food. With the timer, auto-toast buttons, and shade dial, you can precisely control every aspect of the toasting process and don’t have to guess or experiment anymore.



This toaster isn’t designed for fast toasting. Bagels and other bread can take a while to reach peak browning, but the benefit is that you don’t get soggy toast. The slow-toasting actually results in more crisp and tastiness, so if you don’t mind waiting a little while, you’ll be happier with the outcome.


There are other toasters that are more affordable than this KitchenAid, but this toaster is more precise and produces better food. If you eat a lot of toasted foods and want a toaster that won’t immediately burn out, this is a good investment, and you get better toast, bagels, and so on.

Overall Review

The KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-Slice Toaster is meant for people who are tired of experimenting and swinging blind every time they pop a piece of bread in the toaster. The toaster comes with precise controls like a countdown timer, shade dial, and buttons for defrost and bagel, so you can control and witness the progress of your food. It’s a bit expensive for a toaster and on the slow side, but it produces better food, and is constructed from durable metal for a long life.