Breakfast Set 4-Slice 4-Slice
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Family-sized 4-slice toaster with extra-large slots, durable construction, and reheat/defrost modes

The Krups is a large, beautiful toaster with superior construction and great toasting modes that include functions for bagels, reheat, and defrost. It has extra-large slots for every type of bread and gives you separate control over your toast settings with two heating zones. If you’re looking for a big toaster that is built to last, consider the KH734D.

Two separate toasting zones

The benefit of the Krups’ two separate toasting zones is that it allows you to make breakfast for people who have different toast preferences in one swoop. Instead of having to toast two slices of bread, wait, and then toast another two, you can toast using different settings. For example, in one slot section, you can toast a bagel, while in the other, you toast two waffles.

Extra-large slots

Many toasters have slots that are just too narrow or short for any type of bread besides the regular-sized cuts you get in a bag. With the Krups, you get extra-long slots that measure 5 ¾-inches long and 1 ½-inch wide. You can easily fit in rolls, buns, and bagels without needing to cut them into smaller pieces.

Six toast-shade options

The Krups KH734D gives you the option of six toast shades ranging from very light to very dark. There are two dials total, one for which heating zone, numbered from 1-6. This is a great way to get your perfect toast every time, especially if you don’t know how long to keep the toast in the toaster. You can just go by color.


Superior design

Construction is very important for toasters. If they aren’t built well, they will wear out quickly The Krups is made from a combination of brushed stainless steel and chrome, which is both beautiful and durable.

Good safety features

Toasters can get very hot and when they are clogged with bread crumbs, they can even start smoking and become a fire hazard. The Krups has two notable safety features. The first is the removable crumb tray (one for each two-slot section) that lets you empty out crumbs on a regular basis. The other is the high-lift lever which lifts the toast high above the heating elements, so you don’t have to burn your fingers trying to retrieve smaller pieces of bread.

Reheat and defrost modes

One of the best selling points on the Krups is that it has reheat and defrost functions. The defrost function toasts bread longer, so frozen bread is not a problem, and you don’t have to thaw it in the microwave. The reheat function warms up already-toasted items without browning them further or burning them.


Takes up a lot of space

The Krups KH734D is not a small toaster. It measures 8.58 inches x 13.5 inches x 13.34 inches, so it isn’t ideal for small counters. If you do have more limited counter space and still want this toaster, it won’t look ugly or clunky, thanks to the shiny chrome and stainless steel and modern design.

Overall Review

The Krups KH734D Breakfast Set 4-slice toaster is big, shiny, and offers total control over toasting. You can toast different bread types at different settings simultaneously, and even defrost and reheat foods like bagels and waffles. Features like the removable crumb trays and high-lift carriage keep the toaster safe, and the superior mix of chrome and stainless steel ensures this toaster will last a long time.