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Lightweight, European-style toaster with digital display and extra-high lift

The T-fal TL6802 is a space-saving 4-slice toaster that uses two large, long slots in place of the space-consuming 4 slots. This makes the toaster “European-style,” so you can easily toast long Artisan bread slices or homemade bread. Other useful features include a digital display and an extra-high lift carriage for easy toast retrieval.

Two “European-style” slots

The two large, long slots can fit two bagels (four slices) or two slices of long Artisan bread. This is a relatively unusual design for a 4-slice toaster. Most just use the four shorter slots, but then you have to trim your longer bread or just not toast them. If you eat a lot of homemade bread or bread from the nicer part of the bakery (sourdough, etc), this is the kind of toaster you’ll need.

Digital LCD display

Control your toaster using the digital LCD display. The display shows the browning level (which you can select) and a countdown timer. There are also four buttons: bagel, defrost, reheat, and stop.

Extra-high lift

Retrieving your toast from a hot toaster should be as safe and easy as possible. The T-fal’s extra-high lift pops the toast up high enough so you don’t have to reach into the toaster itself and get too close or touch the heating elements.


Lightweight and small

One of the advantages of this toaster is how small it is. Most 4-slice toasters take up a far amount of room, but because this one only uses two extra-long slots, it saves space. It measures 15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches and only weighs about 1 pound.

Easy cleaning

Because a toaster full of crumbs is a fire hazard, a removable crumb tray is very important. The T-fal has this feature, so cleaning is as easy as sliding out the tray and emptying out the crumbs.

Timer functions

One of the nice things about this toaster is that it has a countdown timer and beep alert. You’ll know exactly how long is left on the toasting cycle so you can make other meal preparations. Not all toasters have a countdown timer, so it’s just another convenient feature that makes the T-fal unique.


Cord is odd

The cord on the TL6802 is designed in a weird place and is very short. Finding a good place for it might be tricky, but because the toaster is so small, it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange a spot for it.

No separate controls

Most 4-slice toasters have separate controls, so you can simultaneously toast up to four different slices on two different settings. However, because the T-fal is technically 2-slotted, you can’t toast two bagels at a different setting.

Overall Review

The T-fal TL6802 4-slice toaster is unique and compact. It has 2 long slots, which are great for Artisan and homemade bread, that can also fit two bagels. The compromise is that you can’t do different settings. However, you do get a countdown timer in addition to the more standard browning and toast mode functions. If you eat a lot of Artisan or homemade bread and you’ve always had to trim your slices, those days are over with this toaster.