And Muffin 4-Slice Toaster
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Multi-purpose toaster with 4 wide slots, a meat-warmer, and egg cooker

If you’re on the lookout for a toaster that does more than toast bread the West Bend TEM4500W might be your next purchase. It is a multi-purpose toaster that comes with four slots, a meat-warmer, an egg cooker, and egg basket for a complete breakfast. Make your own ham-and-egg breakfast muffin sandwiches, and never go through the drive-thru again.

Four wide slots with high-lift

The toaster part of the West Bend has four wide slots, so you can fit a variety of bread types like regular-cut bread from the store, bagels, and buns. The lift carriage is designed to lift the bread high when the toasting cycle is complete, so you don’t have to risk burning your fingers reaching into the toaster.

Egg cooker and basket

With the egg cooker and basket, you can scramble, poach, or hard-boil eggs. With the basket for boiled eggs, you can fit up to 8 eggs for a large-family breakfast. These are functions you could do on the stove, but then you’d have to babysit them. With the muffin toaster, you just have to set the functions and go about your morning/day. Scrambled eggs take about four minutes in the egg cooker.

Two meat-warming trays

With the meat-warming trays, you can heat up cuts of ham, turkey, sausage, or veggies and fruit like tomato or even pineapple. These trays are a great alternative to microwaving your meat or trying to use a stovetop to warm up veggies.


Full toaster functions

One of the great things about this West Bend is that it doesn’t skimp on the toaster functions. You get a defrost button, bagel button, and a defrost. You also have control over the browning of your toast using a handy dial, so you can make your perfect toast even with bread start out of the freezer.

Total breakfast package

This is a very versatile machine and gives you the full breakfast package. It has separate functions for each 2-slot section so you can make a bagel for one person and an English muffin for another at the same time, and it lets you either cook just toast, toast eggs, or both at once.

Easy cleaning

The removable crumb tray on this toaster is built into the back, and makes keeping your toaster clear from crumbs very easy. You should be sure to empty the tray out on a regular basis, since crumbs can clog up the toaster and create smoking.


Overkill if you just want a toaster

If you only plan on using the toaster, this has way too many features. You can get a much smaller toaster with the same toast functions for less money, so don’t be tempted to get this “just because” if you really only see yourself using the toaster part.

Really large

The TEM4500W is really big and takes up a lot of space. It is essentially a four-slice toaster plus another breakfast machine, so it weighs close to ten pounds and measures 12.4 x 19.5 x 10 inches. If you’re low on space, be sure to decide where you want this toaster before you buy it, since you might have to do some reorganizing, and moving this thing around isn’t super easy.

Overall Review

The West Bend TEM4500W muffin toaster is a big, versatile, effective breakfast-sandwich maker with a great toaster combined with an egg cooker, egg basket, and meat-warmer. You can make your own (healthier) breakfast sandwich in ten minutes or less, and control every aspect of the toasting thanks to the defrost/bagel settings and browning control. If you only plan on using the toaster part, this is a bit overkill, but if you frequently like eggs, meat, and other foods with your toast, this is a great option.