Set 50-Pound Dumbbells
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Versatile, Quality Adjustable Dumbbell Set

The Powerblock Elite dumbbells are highly functional, easy-to-use adjustable dumbbells that will fit into any home gym. They are in the upper range in terms of their price point, but live up to the investment. They are adjustable from five to fifty pounds, with the ability to expand, are adjustable in 2.5 pound increments, feature a square design, and can be used as push up bars.

Weights from 5 to 50 pounds

The Powerblock Elite dumbbells have adjustable weights from five to fifty pounds, making it an ideal dumbbell set for both casual and serious weightlifters. Both high intensity interval training and P90X routines can be performed with the weight range of this model. You can also purchase additional weights as needed for less than the cost of purchasing heavier, individual dumbbells. It is expandable up to 130 pounds per dumbbell.

2.5-pound increments

The weight is adjustable down to 2.5 pounds, making it ideal for avoiding muscle strain from increasing weights too rapidly.

Square design

One issue that is more aesthetic than practical is the square design of the Powerblock Elite dumbbells, which may be disquieting to some users who are used to rounded or hexagonal dumbbells. However, most users find that the square design is actually more comfortable to use, especially when resting them on your thighs during breaks in your workout.


Additional Uses

The Powerblock Elite dumbbells double as push up bars, so you can use them for push-up and pull-up exercises as well as for weightlifting. This adds an extra dimension to your strength training routine and saves you the cost and trouble of buying commercial push-up bars.

No dials or sliding mechanisms

These dumbbells are among the easiest to adjust on the market, as well as the speediest. It takes no more than ten seconds to change the weights, making them ideal for P90X users. The less complicated mechanisms also mean it has less moving parts to break or malfunction, so it is safer and likely to last for many years without needing parts replaced or repaired. It utilizes a pin system similar to those used in full gym equipment.

Made in America

Because the Powerblock Elite dumbbells are made in America, they are subject to more quality control than dumbbells produced overseas and support the American economy.


Plastic pins

The pins used for adjusting the weight on these dumbbells are plastic, and many users will feel the pins themselves are flimsy. They do not have a history of breaking easily, so this is more of an aesthetic complaint than anything else.

Overall Review

The Powerblock Elite dumbbells are among the most durable and versatile dumbbells available at their price point. The option to expand will save you money over the long run instead of buying individual dumbbells over time. The Powerblock Elite dumbbells are simple to use, especially for beginners, and the security of American manufacturing standards help you feel comfortable with the quality of your purchase. They will be a helpful addition to any home gym.