0181381000008 To 24lb Dumbbell
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Ideal for Beginners

With a weight range of 3 to 24 pounds, the PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 is a perfect adjustable dumbbell set for anyone who is looking to start a strength training regime. It is adjustable in 3 pound increments, features a padded handle that is ideal for people with weak wrists, and uses a selector pin system rather than slides or dials. It is compact in size, making it easy to perform any routine strength training exercise, and can be used on any sort of platform as opposed to needing a dedicated docking system.

Adjustable from 3 to 24 pounds

The PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 adjusts from 3 pounds to 24 pounds with 3 pound adjustment increments. This is great for people new to weight lifting who want to gain strength without overextending their muscles on larger dumbbell sets that have five pound adjustment increments.

Selector pin system

The PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 adjusts via a selector pin system; simply move the pin to change the weight. It is easy to use and very fast, which users considering an adjustable dumbbell set for routines like P90X will appreciate. The easy-to-use selector pin system also makes this model a safe alternative to more complicated models, which can come apart when not set properly.


Padded handle

The handle of this model is padded for comfort and wrist protection. It helps to prevent slippage during your workout, and also keeps your hands from getting callouses. People with weak wrists will be able to use this model in comfort and safety.

No dedicated docking station needed

The PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 does not require a stand or special docking station for effective use and can be easily accessed by placing them on an appropriately sized table. Other adjustable dumbbell units on the market are best utilized by purchasing extra stands, so this helps make this model one of the more all-inclusive and affordable models available.

Smaller size

These dumbbells are compact and make it easy to perform a range of exercises without worrying about the dumbbells hitting each other. Chest and lateral exercises are very doable with this smaller-sized set.



It would be nice if the PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 could be expanded to hold more weight as the user gains strength through their workout.

Clanking noises

These dumbbells make loud clanking noises while you are using them, specifically when the weights are flipped upside down. This can disrupt people near you in your home, or interfere with breathing, counting reps, or playing music during your workout.

Overall Review

The PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 is a great option for casual strength training for a mid-range price. Its padded handle will be a great boon to anyone with weak wrists, and the easy-to-use selector pin system is intuitive and efficient. While it will not suffice for very serious weightlifters who need the ability to continually add weight to their routines, it is a great solution for the casual user who wants to save money and space by not buying individual dumbbells.