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Budget Dumbbells, Good Starter Kit

These dumbbells offer the market’s best cost-to-weight ratio, meaning that you have the greatest potential weight for the lowest price. Their overall quality in terms of manufacturing is understandably shoddy, considering the price point, but they will suit casual weightlifters. Each dumbbell can accommodate up to 100 pounds for a total of 200 pounds of weight. The plates and handle are made of cast iron, so they are very durable.

Increase by 5-pounds

This model features five-pound interval increases, so you can comfortably increase your weightlifting over time without excess strain.

16’’ handle

The 16’’ handle is longer than typical dumbbells you will see at your local gym, but few users have reported excess difficulty in maneuvering them. Certain exercises may be more cumbersome to perform with these longer handles.


Adjustable up to 100 pounds

These dumbbells come with five pound bars, eight 10 pound plates, two five pound plates, and two 3.5 pound plates for a total of 100 pounds per dumbbell. For the price point, this far exceeds competitor offerings which generally cap at 25 or 50 pounds. Since weightlifting should be a slow process with gradual strength gain over time, this set should last you for a long time before you seek out heavier models. You can also purchase 25 pound plates separately for less than buying a new set of dumbbells.

Cast iron plates

These dumbbells feature durable, cast iron plates that will last for a long time and can withstand being dropped or hit against each other. The bar is also cast iron and has a similar feel to standard dumbbells, which will make many users feel comfortable using these dumbbells.


Loose locking mechanism

The locking mechanism on these dumbbells is rather loose and the weights come loose after each set, so you will have to tighten the weights after each set, or the weights may shake and clatter and disrupt your workout. You can purchase more durable locking mechanisms from independent retailers.

Paint will flake and smear

The cast iron plates are coated in black paint which does tend to smear and flake. Most users use a sealant on the plates before using, or paint over them with a more durable paint.

Dumbbells are sharp

These dumbbells have sharp edges, so they are not comfortable for laying on your thighs during breaks in your workout routine. Sweatpants help negate this, and many users have found angles at which to rest them which do not hurt.

Overall Review

Heavy-duty users will want to seek out more expensive and sturdy weights that don’t require so much attention during workouts, but these dumbbells are a good choice for anyone who wants to try weightlifting at home without a heavy investment. They offer the best range of weights for the price, and the cast iron plates and bar are sturdy enough to withstand longtime use. The option to upgrade to 25 pound plates is a great benefit that expands the versatility of this model.