Unipack Cast 52 5 Lbs
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Budget Weights for Beginners

This model is one of the most budget-friendly dumbbells on the market today and are a good option for someone new to weightlifting who wants to experiment before dedicating a good portion of their paycheck to higher-quality models. They will take up to 52.5 pounds per dumbbell, for a total of 105 pounds. They are made of cast iron and have weight intervals of 2.5 pounds.

Weights from 5 to 52.5 pounds

These dumbbells come with two five pound handles, four 1.25 pound plates, four 2.5 pound plates, and 16 five pound plates for a total possible 52.5 pounds per dumbbell or 105 pounds altogether. This starter set makes it easy to increase weight slowly over time, but additional weights cannot be purchased to further your weightlifting after surpassing the 52.5 pound limit.


Metal bar and weights

The plates and handle on these dumbbells are cast iron, so they will not break or wear down with use over time.

2.5 weight intervals

These dumbbells can be adjusted to 2.5 weight intervals, which is a perfect amount for weightlifting, especially for beginners who should be concerned about overstraining their muscles by trying to increase weights too quickly.


Rough knurling

The knurling, or texture of the handle, on these dumbbells is very rough and can result in callouses and irritation on your hands. This can be prevented by wearing weightlifting gloves. This is highly variable from unit to unit with these particular dumbbells, so you might get lucky and receive a model with a cleaner knurling.

Overall Review

For weightlifters on a budget, these dumbbells are effective: they have a good weight interval, are made of durable cast iron, and provide enough weight to satisfy casual weightlifters. However, do not expect them to exceed their price point in terms of manufacturing quality. These dumbbells provide the best value for their weight, but will not stand up to more expensive models. They are ideal for beginners due not only to their low cost, but also due to their 2.5 pound weight intervals.