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Low-Priced Option for Casual Use

The XM-3305 dumbbells are among the market’s lower-priced options. Each dumbbell includes five possible weights, starting with the 5 pound bar, which can be increased in five pound increments. This model uses an easy-to-understand slide locking system, and is constructed of chrome-plated steel for a more reliable and comfortable weightlifting experience. At 25 pounds per dumbbell, it is a good model for casual weightlifters who are looking for a good strength training workout.

Weights from 10 to 25 pounds

The XM-3305 dumbbells include weights ranging from 10 pounds to 25 pounds. The 10 pound minimum means that people new to lifting will want to purchase 2 or 5 pound dumbbells to begin working out with before moving up to the XM-3305 dumbbells. 25 pounds is heavy enough for many users, but serious weightlifters will want to upgrade to more heavy-duty weights. Still, the XM-3305 will save you money and space over buying individual dumbbells, so it may be worth it to invest in this model and then purchase heavier dumbbells as needed.

5-pound increments

This model increases weight in 5-pound increments (10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, etc.): more expensive models have lesser intervals to help support gradual strength training, but most users will be comfortable with 5-pound intervals.


Metal bar and weights

The XM-3305 dumbbells have chrome-plated steel metal bars and weights, giving it the feel and appearance of standard dumbbells. Users will appreciate the natural and durable feel of the metal bar over plastic or synthetic bars on some other models. The knurling on this model is very comfortable and should not cause excess irritation on your hands.

Ideal for HIIT

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, focuses on variation and speed rather than actual weight, so these lighter dumbbells are good for HIIT workouts; they are cheaper than buying a range of standard dumbbells and save space in your home.

Easily adjustable

The slide-locking adjustment system of the XM-3305 is easy to understand and use, even for people not familiar with adjustable dumbbells. It is quicker than dumbbells that rely on removable plates, and there is less risk of the locking mechanism failing and causing injury to the user or damage to the dumbbell.


20’’ handles

With 20’’ handles, the XM-3305 dumbbells are some of the bulkier models available today, and some users will find them very cumbersome to work out with. Especially shorter people will have difficulty performed average strength training exercises in comfort. This is a comfort issue more than a functional issue, because you can still perform any routine you need, it will just take extra time to get used to the longer-than-usual handles.

Overall Review

The XM-3305 is one of the better budget models available on the market today. It easy to use, even for beginners, and its steel chrome design makes it a durable option for your home gym. Very serious weightlifters will want to upgrade to a model that has a greater weight range, but at 25 pounds per dumbbell, combined with its above-average quality, it is still a great deal for most weightlifters.