Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B
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Air fryer with lots of cooking space, a 30-minute timer, and adjustable temperature

The Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100B is big, but comes at a good price. You also get total control over the fryer’s temperature and a timer with auto shut-off, so your food never gets burned. The size and features of this air fryer make it ideal for making party food for a crowd, or serving up a meal for your family.

Stainless steel 304 heating element

The Avalon Bay gets its heat from a stainless steel 304 heating element equipped with 1400 watts. The rapid air circulation technology, which allows the fryer to operate using little to no oil, penetrates the food evenly and from all sides, so the food is always cooked thoroughly and evenly.

30-minute timer

Not all foods cook for the same length of time, so you can set the fryer using the 30-minute timer. The timer is also convenient because once it finishes, it alerts you with an audible “ding” noise and turns the fryer off, so the food won’t get overcooked if you can’t get to the fryer right away.

Adjustable temperature

In order to cook a wide variety of food, you can adjust the temperature on the fryer using the gauge above the timer. It begins as low as 200 and goes up to 400-degrees, so you can cook food at a lower or high temp, depending on your needs.


Big capacity

The capacity on the AB-AirFryer is 3.2-liters, which is the same as 13.5 cups. This is one of the bigger air fryers out there, so it’s great for making complete meals like steak, chicken, or fish for the whole family, and for making party food for guests.

Makes extra-crispy food

Without oil, some air fryers have trouble crisping up food like French fries. However, on this fryer, the mesh metal basket fixes this issue, so you get extra-crispy fries, wings, and more without having to add more oil.

Convenient top handle

Thanks to the top handle, which not every air fryer has, it is easy to carry the Avalon around. This is important because this air fryer is pretty heavy. The handle stays cool, too, so you can handle it without having to wait a long time after use.



The Avalon AirFryer is pretty heavy at 14 pounds. However, this is just what you get with bigger-capacity air fryers, so if you don’t need one this big and weight is a concern, you can find lighter ones.

Overall Review

Considering its features, the Avalon Bay AirFryer comes at a very good price. It has a big capacity (which makes the fryer weigh more), adjustable temperature up to 400-degrees, and a metal mesh basket which ensures extra-crispy food. For safety, the 30-minute timer shuts the fryer off when the cycle is complete, so your healthier, oil-free food never gets burned.