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Halogen air fryer with huge capacity, temperature control, and glass container

The Homeleader is a huge air fryer that still comes at a reasonable price. It is heated with halogen and has an adjustable temperature, so you can cook a variety of foods like vegetables (which need lower temps) or high-heat foods. The fryer container is made of glass, which is unique and transparent.

16-quart capacity

If you need a big fryer for lots of family and friends, the Homeleader HLK43-001 delivers. It holds 16-quarts (64 cups) of food, so you are free to make large batches of snacks (French fries) or full meals like steaks, baked potatoes, chicken, and more.

Temperature adjustment

The temperature adjustment on the Homeleader has a wider range than many other fryers. It goes from to 248-482F, so it is on the hot side. High-heat is best for quickly cooking up meats and desserts like cake.

60-minute timer

The 60-minute timer is both safe and convenient. The end of the time cycle acts as a signal for the fryer to shut off, and the long cook time allows you to more gradually roast foods at lower temps.


Heat-resistant glass container

One of the more unique features on this infrared oil-less fryer is the container. It’s made of glass, so it is transparent. You can see the food as it cooks. The glass is also easy to wipe clean, is dishwasher-safe, and free from BPA plastics.

Saves up to 20% energy

The Homeleader saves up to 20% energy compared to other oil-less fryers, resulting in faster and more efficient cooking. Considering this is such a large fryer, it is noteworthy that is actually saves energy.

Uses halogen

The Homeleader Air Fryer uses halogen heating, which is known to be faster and more efficient than other heat sources. The system uses infrared to penetrate food, so it cooks evenly from the inside out very quickly.



This is a big fryer. It weighs 14 pounds and takes up a lot of room in the kitchen. This is just the downside of big fryers – you get a lot of cooking space, but less counter space.

Overall Review

The Homeleader HLK43-001 Halogen Infrared Oil-Less fryer is big and affordable. It can get very hot, but thanks to the halogen, it doesn’t waste energy. It cooks very quickly, so you can whip up fried feasts using the 64-cup capacity. The big capacity means the fryer takes up a lot of space, but if you have a storage area in mind, and really need that cooking space, it is worth it.