Multifunction Electric Air Fryer
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Powerful air fryer with adjustable temperature, cooking presets, and dishwasher-safe parts

With 1500 watts of rapid air circulation technology, the Ivation IV-AFT3215B electric fryer is versatile and convenient. You have control over the temperature and if you don’t want to figure out a temperature yourself, you can select from the seven cooking presets. Keeping the fryer clean is also easy, since all the parts are dishwasher-safe.

1500 watts of rapid air circulation

As an air fryer, this Ivation works by circulating very hot air around the food so it is cooked from the inside out. This results in crispy, not burned, food that is always cooked all the way through. This Ivation is equipped with 1500 watts, so it rivals a lot of microwaves in terms of cooking power.

Temperature range up to 392F

In order to cook a variety of foods, like potatoes, cuts of meat, and even dessert, you can adjust the temperature on this air fryer up to 392-degrees. This makes it easy to substitute the fryer in place of your oven for most dishes.

7 cooking presets

If you are new to the world of air fryers and don’t know the temperature or time to choose for a food, the seven presets are very convenient. You get a warm-up setting, as well as functions for chips (fries), steak, chicken, meat, cake, and fish.


Dishwasher-safe parts

Cleaning a fryer can be a real pain, but it is comparably easier with air fryers, since they don’t use a lot of greasy oil. It gets even easier with the dishwasher-safe removable pan and basket, so you can just stick them both in the wash and be done.

Auto shut-off and alert

If you don’t like babysitting your fryer, you’re in luck with the IV-AFT3215B. You set the timer up to 30 minutes and once time is up, the fryer shuts off by itself. A beep will alert you, and you can return to the fryer and get your food.

Digital controls

The Ivation is pretty easy to figure out and use. All the controls – presets, temperature, and time – are digital and lit by bright LED.


Takes some time to figure out

This particular model doesn’t have a manual, which can be a problem for some. If you aren’t using the presets, you might have to experiment to get everything the way you want it.

Overall Review

The Ivation IV-AFT3215B Multifunction electric air fryer comes with presets, temperature control, and a timer, so you always feel in control. It isn’t extremely pricey either, so it is a great option for a first-time buyer. The controls can be a bit tricky, but the LED buttons and design provide a solid guide even without a manual. Maintaining the fryer is also easy and the basket and pan are both dishwasher-safe.