Philips HD923026 Digital AirFryer
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Easy-to-use digital air fryer with efficient starfish design and 60-minute timer

The Philips HD9230/26 represents what is new and hip in the air fryer world. It combines digital technology with unique, effective design and convenient features like a one-hour timer, double-layer rack, and dishwasher-safe parts. All this quality comes at a high price, though, so think carefully about what you need and what you could do without.

Special starfish design

If you have had trouble with uneven food in past fryers, you will be interested in the special starfish design on this fryer. This design helps the air circulate better, so meat, potatoes, and more are thoroughly and evenly-cooked all the way through.

Adjustable temperature up to 390-degrees

Having the ability to adjust the temperature on your fryer is crucial for versatility. You can
cook everything from veggies, to cake, and thick cuts of meat with a temperature range
that goes up to 390-degrees.

60-minute timer

With a 60-minute timer, you have more time than on many other fryers, which typically stop at 30-minutes. With a longer timer, you can cook foods that take longer, and once the timer is up, the fryer automatically shuts off.


Dishwasher-safe parts

Cleaning the AirFryer is extremely easy. Instead of dealing with thick layers of grease, you’ll have a relatively smooth and clean surface right off the bat. Simply remove the basket and pan, and stick in the dishwasher for effortless maintenance.

Has a double-layer rack

The Digital AirFryer is built with a double-layer rack, which means you get more space for different foods. Like the rest of the fryer, this rack is dishwasher-safe.

Easy-to-use digital controls

Everything is digital and easy to use. Lit by LED, you can clearly see each control. With just a timer and temperature adjustment, there aren’t a ton of buttons to figure out, so you can start frying right away.


Heavy and small

This fryer only holds about 4 cups of food, even with the double-layer rack, and weighs a bulky 18 pounds. This fryer wouldn’t be great for making full meals, but it is a great way to fry up side dishes.


The AirFryer is expensive, especially when you consider how small it is. If you want a big fryer, you could get one that’s much less pricey. However, what you won’t get with those cheaper fryers is the build quality, starfish design, and one-hour timer.

Overall Review

This Philips AirFryer has more space and a more efficient heating design than the other Philips AirFryer. It also has a longer timer (60-minutes), and the good old adjustable temperature, versatile cooking methods, and dishwasher-safe parts. If you want a really high-quality fryer for single-servings and side dishes, this is one of the more technologically-impressive options out there.