VonShef Electric Health Review
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Versatile, big air fryer with halogen heating and 7 preset programs

The VonShef Electric Health Halogen Turbo air fryer is big, powerful, and easy. It has a huge capacity great for making full meals and entertaining guests, and unique halogen heating, which makes the fryer more efficient. Features like the seven preset programs make using the fryer very easy, and it all comes at a very reasonable price.

Halogen heating system

The halogen heating system on this fryer results in more energy-efficient and faster cooking. The 1200 watts go a long way, and you can adjust the temperature from 120 to 450F, which is very high for an air fryer. This helps with the speed.

7 preset programs

There are seven preset programs for easy cooking, so instead of fiddling with the time and temperature, you can just push a button for steak, pizza, or fries. You can also select a “speedy” setting or “defrost,” for frozen foods.

60-minute timer

With 60 minutes on the timer, the VonShef offers more time than many other air fryers. Whether you need the whole hour or less, the air fryer will shut off once the timer completes its cycle, preventing overheating and overcooked food.


Big capacity

The VonShef is a very large air fryer. It has a 10.5-quart capacity, which is the same as 42 cups. This makes the fryer ideal for entertaining or making whole meals for your family. While smaller fryers only have room for side dishes or appetizers, you can cook multiple steaks, chicken breasts, and so on in the VonShef.

Included accessories

For your convenience, this air fryer comes with accessories such as a pair of tongs, an extra rack, a baking cage, and a skewer attachment. These tools allow you to cook a variety of foods more effectively.


Considering all the features and size of this fryer, it is very reasonably-priced. You could find other fryers with the same features, but they will cost a lot more, so this is really a steal.


Big and heavy

While you get a lot of cooking space with this air fryer, it also takes up a lot of space. It weighs a hefty 18 pounds, so if you have a small kitchen and limited storage, you’ll have some trouble with this air fryer.

Overall Review

The VonShef Electric Health Halogen Turbo air fryer was made for people who love host parties. It’s huge capacity is perfect for making large amounts of fried food, and the cooking presets make it easy for everyone to use the fryer, even newbies. Halogen heating and a “speedy” setting make the fryer both fast and energy-efficient, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the results. If you need a big air fryer, but don’t want to spend a fortune, this VonShef is a great option.