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Effective, HEPA air purifier with 5 clean settings, a sleek design, and convenient features

Using a True HEPA filter, which is one of the best out there, the Claritin CAP531B-TU air purifier gets rid of dangerous allergens, making your home a fresher, safer place. The purifier has five clean settings, including a quiet one, so you run it while you sleep. Thanks to its sleek design, it fits well into any room, and it’s easy to maintain and use.

5 clean settings

The Claritin CAP531B-TU has 5 settings that you can choose from, so have options about how you want your indoor air cleaned and freshened. The settings include a Super Quiet setting, so you can use the unit in the same room where you watch TV or even at night while you sleep, and a Super Clean mode, which tackles especially bad air that’s full of pollen, pet dander, or dust.

HEPA filter

Using the HEPA filter, the Claritin is able to filter nearly 100% of allergy-causing particles (dust, dander, pollen) out of the air. It can even capture really tiny bits that are .03 microns. You have the option of adding on an ionizer to your air purifier, so the really small microns are combined with negative ions, making them larger and easier for the filter to catch. As a True HEPA, your filter lasts between 3-5 years, which is way longer than washable filters.

Sleek design

The Claritin CAP531B-TU has a very sleek design. Most air conditioners are bulky and unattractive, so it’s nice that the Claritin is designed to fit into any room’s decor. It kind of looks like a speaker and adds a very modern vibe to any room. It comes in black or white, with a small tower option that is more affordable.


Vertical or horizontal placement

You can set the purifier up straight so it looks like a tower, or lay it on its side for a horizontal option. This is a very unique feature and gives you more choice about where you want to keep the unit.


Operating the purifier is convenient and fits to your schedule. It has digital controls including a timer that you can program up to 12 hours in advance. There’s also a filter maintenance button, so you are alerted when it’s time to change out the filter.

Don’t have to replace filters

Don’t expect to see that filter maintenance button for a while. Since it lasts 3-5 years, you don’t have to change out the filter every few months like you do with washable HEPAs. There is a pre-filter you need to rinse out every once and while, but you save a lot of money with the permanent True HEPA filter.


Not effective in large rooms

If you want to use the purifier in a larger room, the unit isn’t especially effective. It’s designed for smaller rooms like bedrooms and offices, but if you want to do “spot” cleaning in a large room (next to a window where pollen comes in, or by a pet’s litter box), the Claritin will work well.

Overall Review

The Claritin CAP531B-TU True HEPA permanent filter air purifier is an affordable, very effective 5-setting air purifier whose filter you don’t need to replace until 3-5 years into your ownership. Its modern, attractive design fits well into any smaller room, vertically or horizontally, so you can use it in offices, bedrooms, small apartment living rooms, and so on. For its price, you’re getting a great unit that’s over 99% effective at capturing dangerous allergens, so if you suffer due to poor air quality, consider the Claritin.