HPA300 True HEPA
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Effective air purifier with HEPA filters and 3 air-cleaning levels with timers

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA allergen remover is an extremely effective air purifier ideal for medium-large rooms and if you suffer from severe allergies or breathing problems. The air is freshened and cleaned through a HEPA filter with three timed levels that work the air at different strengths.

Circulates air 5x per hour

The process of the Honeywell HPA300 is simple: a fan pulls air into the purifier and through a pre-filter that absorbs odors and catches large debris like dust and pet fur. The air then goes through the HEPA filter, where 99.97% of allergy-causing particles are trapped. The cleaned air is then sent back out into the room where you will breathe easier. This process occurs about 5 times an hour, so your air is constantly being monitored and cleaned.

HEPA filters

The HEPA filter is the key feature of the Honeywell True. It can capture smoke, pollen, dust, dirt, lint, and pet dander down to .3 microns, so nearly 100% of dangerous allergens are removed from the air. You really can’t get a better filter than HEPA, so even if your allergies or lung condition is very severe, you’ll see improvement with this purifier.

3 air-cleaning levels and Turbo Clean setting

With the Honeywell HPA300, you get three levels and a turbo clean option. The three main settings are “germ,” “general clean,” and “allergen.” They get progressively stronger with turbo being the strongest (and loudest) air setting. You can time each of these settings to either 2, 4, or 8 hours, depending on how bad the air in your home is.


Promotes health

The greatest strength of this purifier is how beneficial it is to your health. It really focuses on germs and allergens, it isn’t just about making the air smell nice, it is primarily designed to actually purify the air.

Filter replacement reminders

Another plus to the Honeywell is that the unit will remind you when you need to replace a filter. You don’t have to keep track yourself or mark anything on a calendar. The purifier will sense when the filter has stopped working at its best and let you know.


On the lowest setting, the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is very quiet. You could even leave it running while you sleep. It does get louder as you change the settings, so having that lowest setting on during the night is best.



The main drawback with this allergen remover is its size. It’s pretty big at 24.02 inches x 22.05 inches x 12.99 inches. It’s intended for medium-large rooms, so if it’s in a small room, it will pretty much take over the look of the space. If you need the purifier in your living room, you could try putting it between a piece of furniture and the wall so it doesn’t dominate the area as much.

Overall Review

This is the air purifier for if you have serious lung/breathing problems related to asthma, allergies, and so on. The HEPA filtration of the Honeywell HPA300 is incredibly effective and captures everything from smoke to pollen to pet dander. You also have a lot of control over how powerful you want the purifier to be, and on the lowest setting, it’s quiet enough for bedtime.