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Best Purifier for Severe Allergy Sufferers

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one of the best purifiers on the market today for anyone who has severe allergies or respiratory problems. It features a pre-filter, a carbon filter, and a HEPA filter capable of capturing particles as small as .03 microns. It is gentle enough for anyone to use and enjoy, including COPD sufferers; this unit is loud compared cheaper units available, but most users in this price range focus on its performance in creating a hygienic environment.

Suitable for large rooms

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is suitable for use in rooms up to 900 square feet.

Display screen shows timer, filter life

The four-button touch pad on the face of the unit displays a timer option which will turn the purifier off at a certain time, a visual reminder of when to replace the filters, as well as the fan speed.

Not for use outside of US

The IQAir Healthpro Plus cannot be used outside of the US, even with an adaptor.


Tri-Filter System

The IQAir HealthPro Plus’ first line of defense is the pre-filter, which captures larger particles like hair and other clearly visible particulates; this preserves the integrity and life of the more expensive filters inside. The second filter is a carbon filter, which contains 5 pounds of carbon pellets; carbon is a natural odor and gas absorber. It also contains alumina infused with a disinfectant. The carbon effectively filters out both gases and odors. The final filter is a HEPA filter, regulated by the USDE for its efficacy; it will filter out microns as low as .03 and is guaranteed to remove at least 99.97 particulates from the air.

EN 1822

The IQAir HealthPro Plus’ HyperHEPA technology has been tested under the European Norm (EN) 1822 is a more rigorous testing process that applies to the entirety of the machine, rather than just the HEPA filter. This model is certified by an independent testing agency under EN 1822 regulations to remove 99.5% of air particles down to at least .16 microns. The product also claims to remove particles down to .003 microns, but there is not currently a qualitative test result to corroborate this.

No potentially toxic processes

The IQAir HealthPro Plus does not use ozone, ionization, or electrostatic activity to deodorize or purify the air. These three processes are generally effective deodorization techniques, but they often come under fire in the healthcare community for their potential hazards to human health (especially ozone).



The IQAir HealthPro Plus is a heavy duty machine and is noisy at the highest setting. Its noise level is improved over previous models, and most users find its benefits outweigh the white noise effect.


As one of the best and most effective air purifiers on the market, the initial investment in this unit may be too much for some users. This purifier will also need its filters replaced periodically, adding to the overall cost throughout the years. The pre-filter will cost about $60 to replace every 9 months, the carbon filter will cost about $90 every two years, and the HEPA filter will cost about $200 every three years. People with severe allergies or respiratory problems who are seeking relief may want to check with their insurance companies to see if they could have part of the cost defrayed.

Overall Review

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is probably not the ideal air purifier for users with minimal to moderate allergies or respiratory problems, as less expensive units are suitable for your average pet hair and dander allergens. However, severe allergy sufferers or people with respiratory conditions should consider this unit for its world-class and rigorously tested 3-step filtration process. It is free of potentially harmful ozone and ionizers, and though it is noisy its positive impact on your air quality will probably outweigh the noise issue.