B-1000 Purifier
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Low-Powered Purifier, Very Quiet

The O-ion B-1000 is a very low-powered purifier, but the trade-off is that it is nearly silent. It is best at filtering pet hair and large particles, and not recommended for desert areas or anywhere with high quantities of dust. For its price point, it is a good purifier for anyone whose main concern is pet hair or similarly sized allergens. It utilizes ozone, electrostatic, and ionization to purify the air in your home.

Electrostatic technology

Electrostatic purifiers work by creating an electric charge which attracts particles in the air to an internal filtration system. The O-ion B-1000 uses multiple filtration systems, including a regular filter system; for the electrostatic system, it includes a dust collector rod which can easily be taken out, wiped off, and replaced as needed. The advertising claims that it can remove particles as small as .01 microns, but as there is little oversight for electrostatic filtration systems this is hard to substantiate.

Ionic technology and ozone

This model works as an ionizer, releasing negative ions into the air which bind to oxygen particles, creating particle clusters that can then be sucked back into the machine. However, it is more effective at emitting ozone, which also kills germs, freshens the air, and deodorizes. The ozone it emits is well within EPA-set standards, but concerns about the safety of ozone-emitting air purifiers are well documented within the healthcare community.

Health issues

Anyone with COPD or another respiratory illness should consult their physician before using this product, as it does emit low levels of ozone.

2 fan speeds

The O-ion B-1000 comes with a high and a low setting. Since the product is so quiet, there is essentially no need to ever use it on the low setting except for energy consumption concerns.


Low electricity usage

Unlike high-powered HEPA filtration systems, the O-ion B-1000 runs on relatively low amounts of electricity, as low as 7.5W.

No need to replace filter

This model features a permanent charcoal filter that will not need to be replaced, saving you money over time. You will want to make sure to keep an eye on the condition of the filter over time and wash it regularly, even more than recommended by the packaging, in order to keep this model working at its top capacity.

Compact size, quiet

The O-ion B-1000 is 17’’ high and 6’’ wide, making it appealingly small and easy to fit into tight spaces. This model is also one of the quietest units available on the market today and will not produce white noise sufficient to interfere with daily life.

UV-C light and night light

The O-ion B-1000 includes a UV-C light, which emits UV rays and kills viruses, bacteria, and mold spores; it can be turned on or off manually. The unit also includes a night light, which some users might find charming if they plan on using this model in the bedroom.


Not effective for small particles

This model is not an effective purifier for particles smaller than pet hair. It will provide sufficient purifying power for a small room in a climate that does not create a lot of dust, and it will work fine if the main concern in the home is pet hair, but users with serious allergies will want to look elsewhere.

Overall Review

Users concerned about ozone or who have serious allergies will need something more heavy-duty than this lower-priced purifier, but overall the O-Ion B-1000 Air Purifier performs well on large particles. Its near-silent operation is a great benefit to those who are worried about noise pollution, and its relatively low power usage is beneficial for the environment and for your electric bill. It is more effective as a deodorizer than anything, but will take care of many major household allergens.