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Customizable air purifier with a wide purifying radius, beautiful design, and quiet operation

If you’re tired of how ugly air purifiers look, the Rabbit AIr MinusA2 will be very pleasing. It features soft mood lights and can be mounted on your wall, adding aesthetic appeal instead of taking it away. It’s also very quiet, so it doesn’t intrude on your life that way either. Besides its beauty, it is an extremely effective air purifier and uses a six-stage filtration system to clear your air of all kinds of allergens like pollen, smoke, and pet dander. You can customize your filter depending on your needs.

Filters 700 sq. ft.

The Rabbit Air is able to filter areas up to 700-square feet, which includes really big living rooms, basements, and upstairs landing areas. It’s also great for filtering entire (smaller) apartments.

Six-stage air filtration with HEPA

For filtering, the Rabbit uses a six-stage filtration system that includes HEPA. HEPA is nearly 100% effective at removing dangerous allergens from the air – even really tiny ones – so you can expect great results and healthier air, which is crucial if you have allergies or a lung condition that’s aggravated by dust, mold, and so on.

Quiet operation

Many air filters use loud fans that make sleeping with the purifier impossible. The Rabbit is very quiet and even includes a sleep mode where it runs quieter when the lights in your house are dimmed.


Great design

The Rabbit is one of the more beautiful purifiers out there. It is reminiscent of a flat-screen TV and is mountable on the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. It also includes soft mood lights in multiple colors so you can match the purifier to your decor.

Customizable filters

You can choose a Rabbit Air depending on your specific needs. Your filter options include Toxins, Pet Allergy, and Odor Remover. With these customized options, you can tackle the primary reason for bad air and get great relief.


Maintenance for this purifier is very low. You just have to clean off the surface of the Rabbit every month or so to get off dust, and then replace the filters every 1-2 years.



This air purifier is expensive. If you’re on a budget, dropping all those hundreds might seem like a waste when there are cheaper purifiers that also include HEPA. However, the Rabbit does offer a more stylish design and that customized filter option, which is very effective and handles specific problems.

Overall Review

Good looks meets effectiveness with the Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier. The purifier is not only stylish and wall-mountable, but it uses a six-stage filtration system and HEPA to purify the air. You can even choose a specific, customized filter if you want to get rid of pet dander, odors, or toxins. Using the purifier is easy since it’s so low-maintenance, and you can purify a room up to 700-square feet.