Intelli-Pro HEPA Air Purifier
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Quiet air purifier with 7 air-filtering technologies and monitoring features

If you suffer from serious allergies, the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier was designed with your needs in mind. It boasts a whooping 7 air-cleaning technologies like a HEPA filter and UV light, and also runs very quietly even on its highest setting for less disruption. Maintaining the purifier comes easily thanks to the monitoring features that alert you about filter changes and air quality.

Purifier handles about 600 square feet

600 sq. ft. is about the size of a large living room, which makes this purifier’s cleaning range very wide. Whether you live in an apartment and need to purify all the air, or you have a large house and want to focus on a few rooms, there will be a place for the Surround.

7 air-filtering technologies

The Surround Air purifies using seven air-filtering technologies, which is significantly more than what other purifiers offer. The filters are equipped to get rid of dust, mold, smoke, bad odors, chemicals, dander, bacteria, and anything else that might be aggravating your allergies.

Quiet setting

Many air purifiers are very loud, especially when they’re running at max capacity. The Surround Air is relatively quiet, and even has a specific “Quiet” setting that you can use at night as you sleep.


Monitors and alerts

Maintaining air quality and the filters is very simple thanks to the monitors. The Clean Air monitor and sensors let you know exactly what quality of air you’re dealing with, and what allergens are present. For the filters, an indicator light alerts you when it’s time to change or clean each one, so you don’t have to worry about the air purifier losing its effectiveness because you forgot to replace a filter.

Superior filtering

As mentioned before, the Surround Air has 7 filtering technologies. They are each useful in their own way and include a HEPA filter, which is 99.97% effective at removing allergy-causing particles, an activated carbon filter (for chemicals, odors), and a UV lamp that’s ideal for bacteria. The collector grid is in place to protect the other filters, so they each last as long as possible.


The Surround Air uses electricity, and so can be an energy-waster. However, its sensor tech helps reduce the amount of used energy, since you don’t always have to run the purifier at full capacity; when the air is clean, the unit will let you know, and you can turn it off.


Very bright

The lights on the Surround Air are very bright. This can invasive, especially at night. However, the problem is easily solved by throwing a cloth over the light or even darkening it with Sharpie.

A bit pricey

Another downside to this purifier is that it’s definitely more on the pricey side. Not everyone can afford to lay down $300 or so for an air purifier, but if your allergies are really bad and causing serious health problems, the money you’ll save on medications and doctor visits will far outweigh the Surround Air’s price tag.

Overall Review

This was an air purifier designed for those with serious allergies. If other purifiers have failed you, the Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier uses 7 air-filtering technologies including HEPA, UV light, and activated carbon to decimate the amount of allergens in your oxygen. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s well-worth the price, and it even saves energy and comes with monitors that constantly let you know what your quality is and when to change out a filter.