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Upper Range Purifier, Very Effective

The Winix WAC550 is in the upper price range for home-use purifiers, but performs up to its price point. It includes a true HEPA filter, PlasmaWave Technology, and a carbon pre-filter. It includes Smart Sensor that reads the air in the room and automatically adjusts itself to meet the room’s needs.

3 Fan Settings

The Winix WAC550 has three fan speeds. Most users say that it works best running at “medium” speed, which minimizes background noise while still effectively purifying and circulating air.

Remote Control

This model includes a remote control so you can turn it on and off or change the fan speed from a distance.

Permanent and replaceable filters

The Winix WAC550 includes a replaceable carbon filter and a permanent HEPA filter. The HEPA filter will need to be cleaned regularly; it is recommended that you clean it even more often than directions indicate in order to prolong its life. The carbon filters will need to be replaced every three months. The unit comes with four carbon filters, so you will not need to buy new ones for up to a year. Carbon filters are less expensive to replace than HEPA filters.

PlasmaWave has dedicated on/off switch

The PlasmaWave feature of this unit using ionization to deodorize the room. It can be turned on or off independent of turning the whole unit on and off, so people who do not like ionization can still use the purifier without the ionization.


350+ CADR

The Winix WAC550 can boast Clean Air Delivery Rates of 350; it is recommended that the CADR of your unit is 2/3 the size of the room in which it will be used. The Winix WAC550 will prove good purification for large rooms and very good purification for small or medium sized rooms.

Smart Sensor

The Winix WAC550 has a Smart Sensor that can be set to auto mode; it will scan and read the air quality in a room and automatically adjust its setting to provide the ideal purifying power needed for the particular area. This also helps save energy, as it will automatically reduce its fan speed as the air becomes cleaner.

Carbon Filter

The Winix WAC550 has a carbon filter that absorbs odor from smoke, as well as gasses. Carbon is a natural compound that will not harm you or the environment, unlike ozone.

True HEPA Filter

This model includes a true HEPA filter, which ensures that it has been tested and is certified to remove air particulates down to .3 microns with at least 99.97% efficiency. HEPA filters are the best available on the market today and are the filters used in hospitals and airplanes.


Smart Sensor may wake light sleepers

While noise is not a major complaint with this model, the Smart Sensor will kick the unit to its highest setting when it senses more particles in the air. This could wake you up in the night if something blows in your window or someone else in the house is smoking. The Smart Sensor can be turned off if necessary.

Carbon filters thin, expensive

The Winix WAC550 has thinner carbon filters than some other models on the market, and they tend to be a bit pricier than average. Carbon filters are less expensive to replace than HEPA filters, so the permanent HEPA filter helps defray the long-term cost of the unit.

Overall Review

The Winix WAC550 outperforms its price point in most aspects. The Smart Sensor is a great feature that helps keep the air in your home clean without oversight. It is suitable for large rooms and works great in small to medium sized rooms, and the carbon filter is a healthier alternative to models that use ozone technology to deodorize.