And Two-Way Audio With Baby Monitor
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Fully featured baby monitor

The Foscam Digital Video Baby Monitor is specially designed for keeping babies, pets, or elder members of the family under careful observation, with a 3.5 inch wide LCD display. Features include time display, a temperature sensor for ensuring the baby’s comfort, and a feeding timer.

Camera adjustment and positioning

In the package are included a kickstand and a belt clip for monitor support. The Foscam Digital Video Baby Monitor has the pan/tilt/zoom options available for improving the viewing experience of the owner, and all these modifications can be made by remote control.

Two-Way Audio

The Two-Way Audio system, with enhanced performance by the built-in microphone and speakers, is perfect for parents performing various activities in different rooms and facilitates the communication between them, while also giving the user the possibility of talking to the child and calming him in more delicate moments.

High sensitivity

At night, parents can make use of the Night Vision function of this monitor to be informed on everything happening in the nursery. The night vision is based on a discrete IR LED system, allowing the owner to watch the baby without any lights to distract or annoy the baby, and there is no need to worry for the functioning time since the night vision function activates and shuts down according to the time. The VOX voice on/off activation function of the Foscam Baby Monitor is highly recommended to busy parents that do not want to be taken by surprise by the low battery – at the simple sound of the parent’s voice, the monitor switches between power off/power on.

FHSS signal covering the range of 985 feet

The Foscam Baby Monitor relies on a secure wireless digital signal with the frequency of 2.4 GHz, which covers a range of up to 985 feet (300 meters), without any interferences or signal obstructions. The 3.5” portable monitor grants freedom of movement to the owner.

Expanding with the family

Along with the appearance of new family members, the need for surveillance increases. The Foscam Baby Monitor allows the user to add up to 3 cameras to the main camera of the baby unit, relieving the parents of the duty of moving from one room to another and providing a comfortable view to four rooms from the parent unit.


Optimal for maintaining the baby’s comfort

The incorporated temperature sensor, as well as the feeding timer, helps remind parents of the essential needs of the baby.

Remotely made camera adjustment

This device’s camera has a large variety of possible changes of position that can be made without the stress of manual handling.


No automated scanning function

When the owner has additional cameras installed and wants to change the room that is being viewed, this has to be done manually. Unlike in other monitors, the automated camera cycle function is absent here.

The voice activation problem

Although the VOX system can be useful to owners that cannot be permanently near the monitor, it is sometimes way too easily activated by voice and unexpected power shutdowns can occur.

Overall verdict

The Foscam FBM3501Digital Video Baby Monitor is a reliable device, with a few drawbacks that are otherwise rather insignificant compared to the features. Attention must be paid to the high sensitivity of the VOX activation system in order to avoid any accidents.