Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical
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Novel approach to visualization

This Baby Monitor relies on a novel technology to provide high-quality visual contact with the baby. The DXR-8 Video Monitor employs three interchangeable lenses from which the owner can choose the optimal mode – Normal, Zoom and Wide Angle (which is sold separately). Each one of these lenses is different in terms of angle of view and focal length. Normal Setting is adequate for a mid-range view of the baby and the near surroundings, the Zoom Optical Lens is useful for close-ups during the baby’s sleep and does not alter the quality of the captured image, and the Wide Angle lens (sold separately) is most suitable for providing a 170 degree view of the whole room, a useful option when the baby is particularly active. The camera direction is adjusted by remote control.

Fully featured LCD display

The Infant Optics Baby Monitor has a 3.5” wide LCD display enabling the parent to view the child in high resolution and an infrared night vision system that ensures visibility of the baby during the night. Moreover, this device includes a temperature indicator that signals any microclimate deficiencies in the nursery and a sound-sensitive LED display that keeps the owner permanently informed on what is happening in the baby’s room.

Camera movement

With the remote control included in the package, parents are able to readjust the camera angle of view – panning and tilting – silently, without any noises that might disturb the baby’s activity.

Communication performance

This device uses a 2.4 GHz frequency signal accompanied by a data encryption system that increases security. Two-way communication is made possible with the aid of a talk-back feature, and the range covered by the signal is up to 700 feet when there are no obstacles encountered.

Reliable energy source

The battery life can reach 10 hours when fully charged and functioning in power-saving mode. When the display is kept on continuously, the battery can run for up to 6 hours.

Useful controls

Other features that have been implemented and will make monitoring easier and devoid of unpleasant surprises include a low-battery alert feature, an out-of-range warning function that activates when the baby cannot be reached anymore, a battery power indicator, an alarm function, as well as volume and brightness control.

Expanding the monitoring area

The Infant Optics Baby Monitor allows the user to add up to 4 video cameras that can be linked to a single display unit. There is also a special scan mode that programs the display unit to switch cameras once at every 12 seconds, so the video and audio surveillance is done on multiple cameras.


Innovative manually changeable viewing mode

The device allows the user to change the viewing mode by manually inserting the lenses. The resolution is kept high regardless of the used lens and this option is complemented by the camera angle change feature.

A host of useful features

The number of features contained within the Infant Optics Baby Monitor is remarkably large, surpassing that of many other cameras – temperature and sound sensor, night vision, and battery-related reminders, this monitor provides them all.

Support and service availability

7 day per week support and service is available to customers.


Wide Angle lens sold separately

This lens is not included in the original package; therefore the parent has to support an additional cost to have all three viewing options.

Overall verdict

A very competent baby monitor, considering the relatively low hazards as well as the numerous features and long battery life.