2 4 Wireless Baby
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100% Private Signal with 500 foot range

The Levana ERA Advanced 2.4″ Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Picture Capture and Digital Zoom has an interference-free, private signal that covers an area of 500 feet.

Communication possible anytime

The Talk To Baby Two-Way Intercom is one essential feature of the Levana ERA Advanced 2.4″ Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Picture Capture and Digital Zoom – allowing parents to calm the baby with the sound of their voice even when they are not present in the baby’s room and also facilitating communication between parents without any of them having to shout downstairs from the room of the baby.

Recording your baby

Through the Digital Zoom technology the parent will be able to watch the movements of the baby from a long distance, and the Record Video option is perfect for capturing the most important moments in the development of your child and your family in high resolution, whether it is done on photos or videos. The 2GB size SD card included in the package provides supplementary storage space for the files that will be uploaded on the personal computer and enjoyed with the family and friends.

Distance is not a problem

The rechargeable monitor with a 5-hour battery life can be programmed by the owner on audio-only mode in order to reduce battery consumption to the minimum while hearing all the sounds that the baby produces (with a five LED system that displays the intensity of the baby’s noises), and the incorporated temperature sensor helps keep parents aware of the temperature variations in the nursery reported to the parameters of 68-71° F (20- 21° C) that many studies have indicated to be optimal for maintaining the baby’s comfort.

Maximum safety during the night

Three useful features of the Levana ERA Advanced 2.4″ Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Picture Capture and Digital Zoom during the night consist of the lullaby player, the built-in night vision and the light show feature. With the lullaby player, the parent has the possibility of choosing between three lullabies to improve the baby’s sleep, as well as adjusting the volume from any location in the house. Night vision ensures that the baby remains visible on the monitor during the night, even in conditions of complete darkness on a range of up to 15 feet. A small light show can be put on to make the baby’s sleep more peaceful, and it is controlled from the parent unit, meaning any location in the house.


Comfort and portability

Lightweight device with slim profile and rubber grip, as well as a stainless steel stand that allows the monitor to be positioned anywhere in the nursery.

ClearVu technology

The digital signal-based ClearVu monitor covers a 500 feet range and prevents any interference from persons outside the family, unlike analog signal-based monitors.


Avoiding the contact of the child with the camera cord

It is highly recommended that the camera cords be kept at least 3 feet away from the baby.

Attention to battery life

Especially during the night, one must consider the issue of maintaining the battery running for an efficient continuous surveillance of the baby.

Overall conclusion

The host of features makes this an adequate device for busy parents and might help improve the sleep of babies at night, with the adequate placement of the camera and charging the battery constituting two key aspects.