PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor
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750 feet range digital signal

This device makes use of the ClearVu technology that enables the owner to monitor the baby’s activity through a digital signal that covers a range of 750 feet. The digital signal is superior to analog signal due to its nature that prevents it from being intercepted by other persons than the owner. Using the Levana Stella Digital Baby Video Monitor no parent will have trouble keeping contact with the toddler and renders any stranger unable to capture the signal.

A camera with a modifiable vision angle

The camera of the Baby Video Monitor benefits from a pan/tilt/zoom option which allows the angle of visualization to change in order to observe everything happening in the nursery. The owner is able to change the angle by 270° horizontally and 110° vertically.

Helping improve the baby’s comfort

There are three remote-controlled lullabies available to parents interested in ensuring optimal conditions to the baby. Indicating possible discomfort of the child is a LED with a light intensity that varies depending on the loudness of the noises produced by the baby.

4.3” large monitor keeping your child close to you

The 4.3” monitor of the Levana Stella Baby Monitor gives a large, high-resolution image of the baby which makes the experience more relevant to the parent on a visual and emotional level. A large-sized image of the toddler will make it harder for the owner to be distracted from the baby.

PEEP System for a longer battery life

PEEP stands for Power On/Off Energy Efficient Picture and constitutes an economic approach to battery usage, specially conceived for persons having to perform various activities requiring a longer time span. With the Levana Stella Baby Monitor, the owner will benefit from the possibility of setting the monitor and camera to “sleep mode” when there is no activity in the nursery. Thus, hours of battery life are spared and any sound emitted by the baby reactivates the device and the parent is alerted.

Silent readjustment of the camera angle

By using the pan/tilt/zoom options, the parent is able to modify the angle of the camera placed in the nursery by 270° horizontally and 110° vertically. All modifications are operated silently and the camera can visualize any part of the room.

Two-Way Talk to Baby communication mode

Whether it is talking to the baby to make sure that the parental presence is felt or communicating with another member of the family to solve various issues that may occur, the Two-Way Talk is a useful tool that shortens the time and reduces the effort invested. There will be no more need to seek the other or shout to make oneself heard downstairs, as the parent unit serves as the connection between the person in the nursery and the other.


Discrete night vision

This device’s night vision option is facilitated through a LED infrared system. The LED is practically invisible and the field of vision is up to 15 feet wide.

Expandable baby monitor

A plus of this device is its capacity of supporting three cameras in addition to the basic camera, enabling the owner to keep up to four different areas in the house under observation.


Signal performance

Though the signal range reaches a maximum of 750 feet, the owner must be aware of the optimal range, which is estimated at around 200 feet when there are obstacles encountered. Devices such as microwave ovens may distort the signal if they are functioning in close range.

Reducing strangulation hazard

The cords must be placed away from the babies (at least 3 feet away from the baby’s crib and the baby’s reach) otherwise the baby may be entangled in the cords and strangulated.

Overall verdict

This is a reliable device but the location must be taken into account – household objects that might distort the signal and the baby’s crib must be placed adequately to minimize all hazards.