Lorex BB2411 Sweet Peek B00BMJPEFY
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Two-Way Talk option allows multitasking

The Two-Way Talk option of the Lorex Sweet Peek Baby Monitor is perfect for people who want to keep in touch with their baby without having to overlook the daily activities required by their workplace. Thus, the parent will be able to keep track of the mail in the inbox at the office and also soothe the baby’s sleep by singing a lullaby at the incorporated high-sensitivity microphone. There are also preset lullabies available based on classic songs for soothing the baby’s sleep.

Always visible

The darkness of the night raises no issues, since the Lorex Sweet Peek Baby Monitor also comes with a Night Vision functioning mode that keeps the owner aware of the baby’s activity regardless of the time, presenting a clear black and white image of the baby during the night.

Incorporated lighting system

If the baby has sleep issues because of the darkness, a helpful option is represented by the nightlight. Due to the low intensity of the lights, your baby and your schedule will benefit from the light show playing in the nursery.

High fidelity sound recording

The Lorex Sweet Peek Baby Monitor has a sound recording system that captures every nuance and change in the sounds emitted by the baby.

Energy and surveillance possibilities

Aside from the aforementioned main aspects defining it, the Lorex Sweet Peek Baby Monitor has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours. The expansion of the family will not be any problem, considering that except the device can accommodate up to 4 cameras that will help keep under observation different areas of the house and its surroundings.


Capturing the picture

The picture stays clear whether it is day or night, without excess pixels blurring the baby’s profile. It always stays on the monitor and does not disappear after a longer time span, and it can be turned off for battery saving purposes, until a noise-sensitive alarm turns it back on.

Accessories for mounting

The Sweet Peek package includes anchors, screws and cable clips for mounting the camera of the baby unit in optimal positions, while also avoiding any accidents that might happen.


Using the commands

The diversity of the features and adjustments of the Lorex Sweet Peek Baby Monitor require a bit of patience from the owner to get used to a few tricks, such as the fact that one key can serve multiple functions or the necessity of combining keys for certain outcomes. Some users might find this process too demanding in terms of effort and time.

Parent unit reception problems

While a parent unit is able to capture up to 4 different views, it does not go the same way for the baby unit camera transmission capacity. Thus, if there are two members of the family using baby monitors, they will not be able to view the same room simultaneously from their parent units.

Overall verdict

A good product considering its temperature sensor, its features for helping soothe the baby’s sleep and the high battery running time. Patience is needed though for mastering the controls.