Motorola MBP26 Wireless
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Digital signal based technology

The Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor uses a digital-signal based technology for keeping a tight connection between the parent and the child. The signal covers an area of 520 feet, and in addition to this, there is a special alert mechanism that activates every time the parent or the toddler moves outside the area. The alert feature constitutes a notable advantage over other baby monitors with signals that function in a similar manner.

High quality transmission

It must be noted that the Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor relies on a 2.4 GHz FHSS technology that increases the range of transmission and improves transmission by reducing the signal fluctuations, drops and noise to a minimum. Moreover, it prevents the signal from being captured by any person other than those of the family and neutralizes potential interferences from other wireless electronic devices that might exist within the household.

Night Vision mode

The 2.5” monitor also has a Night Vision functioning mode, made more discrete by the infrared transmission, meaning that there will not be any lights to disturb the baby. The activity in the nursery is recorded with real-time video and sound and the available video playback option reaches 25 FPS.

Camera adjustment / increased sound sensitivity

The Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor’s camera is controlled by remote, so the owner can use the pan and tilt option for a better view of the baby. The intensity of the sounds emitted in the nursery is reflected through the intensity of a LED display on the parent unit.

Enhancing the monitoring capacity

The package includes a parent unit (represented by the monitor) and a baby unit (represented by the camera) that can be linked to up to four supplementary cameras, granting the possibility of increased surveillance in four different rooms.


No interferences

The Motorola MBP26 Wireless Baby Monitor has a smooth transmission that will not jam the frequencies of other devices found within the household, making it a good choice for persons whose work depends on electronic devices and good signals.

Charging the battery

The battery has to be recharged quite frequently so potential customers would be glad to know that the charging cord is long enough to prevent the user from any stress seeking plugs and comparing alternatives.


Low battery life

The battery running time is 3.5 hours when the monitor is on, but with the video off it can reach 7 hours. However, during daytime this can be considered quite a setback especially when dealing with a more sensitive child and/or a busy schedule.

Low noise threshold

Because of the very sensitive noise reception, the LED intensity could give a wrong impression of the intensity of the sounds emitted in the nursery and make the parents mistake otherwise normal sounds for sounds generated by discomfort.

Overall verdict

Energy-related issues and exaggerated sensitivity make the Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor an item that will require constant attention, but its strength resides in its non intrusive nature and the large variety of positions that the parent can choose for the camera of the baby unit.