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Night Vision based on Infrared LED technology

With a 2.8 inch LCD full-color display, the Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor provides accurate visibility throughout the night and the day. Its infrared LED based technology, used for the night vision option, prevents any possible disturbance of the baby’s sleep. In addition to the full-color display, the video monitor also provides a 25 FPS refresh version of the video recording.

Reliable digital signal and improved communication

The baby monitor functions based on a digital signal with a 200-feet range. It also has an out-of-range alarm in case that the baby wanders too far or the parent gets too distracted by other chores. The digital audio signal has a 2.4 GHz frequency for maximum audio clarity and the transmitted information is automatically encrypted in order to avoid any eavesdropping on the signal. Aside from this, the two-way communication option makes possible for the owner to communicate easily to the partner or to the baby.

Closer to the baby

The parent must be ready to act whenever the baby shows signs of discomfort, and if the video mode is off for battery saving purposes, one can rely on the sound-activated 5 level LED alert, which will change according to the intensity of the noises produced in the nursery. Not only is the parent provided with a discrete, power-saving signal, but there are also five built-in polyphonic lullabies from which the parent can choose one to put the baby to sleep.

Temperature matters

A temperature sensor is included in the baby unit, making the owner of the monitor aware of each subtle change in the microclimate of the nursery, so the temperature will never rise or fall outside the comfort zone. This is a plus compared to the MBP26 Wireless model released before.

Expandable surveillance

The Motorola MBP33 Wireless Baby Monitor can support three additional cameras linked to the parent unit besides the main camera of the baby unit. With this option, parents will be able to visualize four different areas of the house and the expansion of the family will no longer constitute a concern to them.


Volume adjustment

The volume of the audio monitor is easily audible and quickly adjustable, so the parents will not have to make any effort to hear the baby’s sounds.

No frequency jamming

The Motorola MBP33 Wireless Baby Monitor will be a good acquisition for people that use other devices for purposes such as WiFi due to its nonintrusive signal.


Very limited viewing possibilities

This version’s sole variation on the view is constituted by the Zoom option, lacking other options such as pan, tilt or swivel, that can be found in other models.

Short battery life

The 3.5 hours battery life can prove stressful to the owner, who will have to check rather often that the device is still charged and running.

Overall verdict

A device that delivers high quality information to the buyer, satisfying the basic requirements. Attention must be paid to the energy source, and keeping the battery permanently charged might sometimes be the best available choice.