Samsung SEW-3036WN Reviews
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High resolution viewing technology

The Samsung SEW Baby Monitor has a 3.5 inch full color LCD display and the baby camera unit transmits a crisp and clear image in 640×480 VGA resolution. Moreover, the night vision function allows the user to view the baby in low lighted rooms or even in complete darkness – reaching up to 15 ft in the dark, with non-visible IR LEDs.

Two-Way Talk

Thanks to the Two-Way Talk function, the owner of the device is not only able to hear, but also talk to the baby and calm him whenever the situation requires it.

Supporting multiple views

The Samsung SEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor supports up to 4 cameras (meaning up to 3 additional cameras beside the basic camera included in the baby unit) for parents with growing families. Changing the view between rooms will be no issue when using the parent unit.

Voice activation and digital signal

The Samsung SEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor uses the VOX activation technology for battery saving – at any sound of an intensity that surpasses a certain threshold, the monitor is able to automatically switch from power on to power off or vice versa. The signal is a 2.4 GHz frequency FHSS signal that bypasses foreign frequencies of other electronic items in the household (such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, or routers) and establishes a secure connection between the parent unit and the baby unit. Its digital nature guarantees that no person outside the family will be able to intercept it, and it reaches up to 800 feet in range.

Belt clip

The baby monitor has a built-in belt clip and a flip stand for portability and vertical statement.


Stylish look

For buyers who care about the look of the purchased devices, the Samsung SEW offers a pleasantly contemporary exterior fitting well next to other hi-tech devices.

Noise removal

To ensure optimal audio quality, the owner can use the quiet mode that processes the sounds in the nursery, removing all background noises and focusing on the sounds made by the baby.


Strangulation and choking hazard

This device contains small pieces that must be kept away from curious babies who might accidentally ingest them. It is required that the baby’s crib be placed far from the camera cords, to avoid any accident that might be lethal for the baby.

Limited camera positioning

Unfortunately, unlike the 3037WN model released after it, the 3036WN model does not possess the remote pan and tilt functions, which can be disappointing to customers looking for a wide spectrum of functions for improving the viewing angle of the camera when they are dealing with an agitated baby.

Overall verdict

The battery life has a relatively low life time when the monitor is running (4 hours) but setting the monitor on VOX mode will increase the running time by 2 hours maximum. The relative lack of flexibility takes away from the charm of this device, but its accessible controls and reliable signal are welcome in a household with a small nursery and a less mobile baby.