Summer Infant Baby
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Digital technology for maintaining privacy

With a digital signal covering a 400-feet area, the parent will face no stress keeping the child under observation. The connection between the parent and the child is far-reaching and prevents any external interference, an advantage that cannot be provided by monitors based on technologies that function with analog signals. The signal ensures clear reception without any static noise.

Portable and easy to use

The Summer Infant Video Monitor is perfect for persons that value comfort and accessibility – its 2.5” sized screen, as well as its 2 pounds weight and its measurements (12 x 11.6 x 5.9 inches) are valuable considering the parent’s need for mobility and the need for an easily manipulated device that can be carried anywhere by the user.

Easily done modifications of the visualizing mode

The parent is able to change the visualizing mode of the camera placed in the nursery by using the remote control included in the package. There are three available modes – panning, scanning and zooming, for improving the user experience especially when the baby is particularly mobile and requires an adequate surveillance style from the camera.

Rechargeable battery included

This device uses a rechargeable battery that can run up to 10 hours if it is fully charged before starting the monitor.

Automatically switched modes depending on time

The Summer Infant Best View Monitor works automatically to optimize the transmitted image, meaning that it is able to adapt its image to color during the day and black and white during the night, since the black and white image is the most well defined type of image that can be recorded at night.


Carrying and placing

This monitor comes packaged with a few additional items to make it easier to handle and to improve the viewing experience – a belt clip is available for the parent unit providing high portability and there is also a flip-up stand for the placement of the monitor on flat surfaces.

High performance imaging

Up to 3 additional cameras can be linked to the basic camera included in the package and facilitate the surveillance of 4 different areas of the house. With the eight-second camera switch option, the user will be practically able to see every major event taking place in any of the selected areas. The Best View Monitor also comes with anchors and security clips for mounting the camera efficiently to the wall, or the owner can simply place the camera on a tabletop if it provides a better viewing angle.

Mute option

For parents who want to give some more freedom of movement to their baby and let their child get used to a relative independence, or for parents that need a rest, the mute option might prove useful provided that the baby is sleeping in a hazard-free environment.


The viewing resolution

Despite the fact that all little details can be noticed during the day, some parents might find the night vision image too grainy compared to their expectations.

Possible deficiencies in the camera connection

Sometimes the customer may encounter problems such as image freezing or parent unit screen blackouts.

White noise

If there is any background noise in the baby side, the device may have issues isolating and processing the sounds produced by the infant.

Overall conclusion

On one hand, the monitor is equipped with enough features to make it handy and make the camera easy to manipulate for optimal view, but on the other hand there are certain transmission aspects (related especially to the video recording) that might put some customers off.