Monitor With Night Audio Baby
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Helps owner maintain a child-friendly environment

The VTech Communications Monitor has an incorporated thermal sensor that sends information to the parent unit regarding the microclimate in the nursery. Even the most apparently insignificant changes in temperature can make critical differences in the baby’s comfort.

Noise level signaling

The parent unit can display every subtle or major change in the sound level in the nursery with the aid of graphic bars featured on the display. By switching to vibration mode, the parent will receive warnings translated to vibrations whenever the baby is agitated.

High quality transmission and communication

Thanks to a digital signal that covers a range of up to 1000 feet, the VTech Communications Monitor keeps the parent informed on the baby’s whereabouts from the outside or the inside of the house. The signal is characterized by a 2.4 GHz frequency band, managing to avoid frequencies of other household objects and transmitting audio and video data without encountering any interference. Data encryption ensures the privacy of all transmissions.

Wall mountable camera with various adjustment features

The camera associated with the VTech Communications Monitor can be mounted to the wall and there are several options available for optimizing the viewing experience: by swiveling, tilting or zooming, the owner is able to seek and find the most comfortable camera angle for observing all that is going on in the baby’s room. AA batteries can be added (up to 4 pieces – these are not included in the package) for increasing the monitoring time by up to 4 and 1/2 hours.

Improving the baby’s resting conditions

When using the VTech Communications Monitor, parents will benefit from the facilitation of communication with the baby through the Talk-Back Intercom, which makes it possible for the parent to calm a baby by talking or singing a lullaby. In addition, there are five polyphonic lullabies included that can be programmed to play in order to soothe the baby’s sleep.

High resolution view and Night Vision

The 2.8” LCD display fits a high-resolution image perfectly, with the baby unit’s camera being able to transmit up to 22 frames per second in a video and capture every tiny detail of the baby’s behavior. Nonintrusive infrared LED technology allows viewing the baby also during the night in black and white.

Split screen feature

The basic camera can be linked to up to 3 additional cameras so the parent unit can keep four different rooms under surveillance.


Good signaling characteristics

The 1000 feet range and frequency-dodging signal gives the VTech Communications Monitor an obvious advantage over other monitors that might have a smaller range or be unable to avoid interferences from other household devices.

The display

The high resolution video transmission ensures that there is no stress for the owner’s eyes and does not bring any disturbance in the baby’s sleep at night.


Signal breakdown

While the monitor’s signal will definitely not encounter any problems, it is possible that other issues occur (such as a lowered quality of the WiFi signal in the house).

Exaggerated sensitivity might be stressful

Because the sensitivity threshold of the audio sensor is extremely low, it is true that every sound made by the baby will be noted but it will also trigger the alarm even if the baby is just making noises while sleeping, and this might ultimately prove stressful to parents.

Overall verdict

This product offers some impressive qualities but it also has a few drawbacks that can be more or less critical, depending on the person’s lifestyle. Persons that have to communicate often from their homes with employers, colleagues and others or have to move a lot through the house should be aware of the potentially unwieldy parent unit or the potential drop in signal quality. The low battery alert, though, brings slight relief to busy parents who won’t have to bother keeping track of the charging hours for the battery.