Beard Trimmer Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Beard Trimmer Features To Look For

Battery power

Beard trimmers use rechargable battery power, but not all are created equal. With some of the less powerful trimmers, you need to charge for 10 hours for 35 minutes of use. Others trimmers, especially ones that use Lithium-ion batteries, can give you nearly an hour on only an hour-charge. Some beard trimmers also have a quick-charge option, where you can set the trimmer in the charging base for 60 seconds or so and get one shave. This is convenient if you’re in a hurry and don’t need your trimmer to be fully juiced. It is common for beard trimmers to also have have corded power capabilities, or even the ability to charge as a USB.


In order to be effective at trimming your hair, the blades on your trimmer need to be sharp and durable. Stainless steel and titanium-coated metal blades are great, and are frequently made to be self-sharpening so they don’t need to be oiled. For long blade life, precision ground blades are known to stay sharper longer than stamped blades. Blades with a certain shape, like wave-blades, and blades designed at an angle (45-degree) are especially effective at trimming facial hair.


To enjoy a smooth, painless shave, features a like flexing guide comb or contour follow comb help you maintain total control over the trimmer. These combs literally “guide” the trimmer blades over the contours of your face and help keep the hair in place for easy cutting, even when you’re going over tricky areas like your jawline and neck.

Grooming attachments

Beard trimmers frequently come with grooming attachments like a hair clipper comb, mini shaver, mustache trimmer, precision trimmer, stubble comb, and so on. These attachments allow you to trim and style every area of your face and body. Typically, these attachments come in the form of different shaving heads, so you just pop the head in when you want to focus on one area or style. Each attachment is designed for a specific purpose, so you can use a goatee trimmer’s precision detail blades to cut very fine lines, or a beard trimmer that has wide teeth for cutting through thicker hair. Depending on the brand and price, you can get a beard trimmer with as many as four attachments for an all-in-one shaving experience.

Length settings

Whether you’re using a standard beard trimmer or one of the attachments like a beard/mustache comb, you have the power to choose the length setting you want. Many trimmers use an adjustable dial or zoom lock wheel that you turn to the selection you want, which then locks, so you get a perfect, consistent trim. Some trimmers have 9 settings, while others can have as many as 18 that go from 1/32-inch to 23/32 inches. If your trimmer has attachable heads, they’ll typically have the same number of length selections, i.e. six settings for the beard comb and six for the hair comb. The more selections you get, the more precise you can be about your facial hair style, though unless you have a very particular idea about what length you want, you probably don’t need as many as 18 settings.

Easy cleaning

Most beard trimmers come with easy-cleaning features and are washable, so you just run the trimmer under water to clean out the hair. Some beard trimmers even have sealed bodies, so you don’t have to worry about water or grime getting trapped inside the trimmer. The hair just slides off the blades when you run it under the tap.

Best Beard Trimmer Brands

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco has been in the electric shaver and beard trimmer business since their debut in 1948. The company has been through some name disputes, beginning way back in 1939 when they were forbidden from using the Philips name. In 1981, they bought Philco – the company that originally caused all the trouble – and added it before Norelco, which they had been using for their products since the start. Philips Norelco beard trimmers are defined by their self-sharpening blades and the new integrated vacuum system, which makes cleaning the trimmer easy.


In 1916, Remington was manufacturing firearms, but by 1937, they released their first electric shaver. Currently, the Remington brand is divided up into different companies, one which still makes firearms, while Remington Products covers the personal care line of products. Remington Products markets men and women’s razors, hair clippers, and mustache and beard trimmers. These products feature the latest technologies, like Linear Blade blade action, which trims in a straight line.


In 1919, Wahl Clipper Corporation invented the first electric hair clipper. It was created by Leo J. Wahl, who was an engineering student at the University of Illinois. There, he designed a vibrating medical massager that he sold to barbershops. Eventually, Leo took over his uncle’s manufacturing plant and began work on what would become the electric hair clipper. Wahl’s beard and mustache trimmers (marked under the Groosman name) became popular during the 1990’s when facial hair styles changed and became more precise and detailed with unique shapes. In 2001, Wahl Clipper created a special vacuum system that keeps all the hair trimmings off the sink, making the shaving experience tidier.


Most people associate Panasonic with audio equipment and while the company did enter the spotlight thanks to a line of audio speakers, the Japanese company also designs electric shavers and beard trimmers. Many of these beard trimmers are very affordable, though some are pretty expensive, and they allow for wet or dry operation.

Features of Professional & Commercial Beard Trimmers

Wet & dry trimming

Many advanced beard trimmers allow you choose between trimming wet or dry. This gives you a lot more flexibility about when and where you shave, and saves you time in if you’re in a rush. You can also trim while you’re in the shower, which you couldn’t do if the trimmer was corded.

Cuts thick hair

For cutting through tough facial hair, many beard trimmers use extra power. Trimmers with powerful DC motors and dual-battery systems provide a big punch so the trimmer is able to get through thick beard hairs. Turbo power or turbo boost is also very useful, and accelerates the trimmer for more speed and power. You don’t have to spend a lot of time trimming with weak power, or cutting your longer hairs with scissors beforehand.

Unique cleaning features

To ensure your trimming experience stays clean and neat, many brands (like Philip Norelco) have created vacuum systems that keep the trimmed hair within the trimmer itself. The Philips Norelco system keeps the hair in the handle. You simply open it up over the trash when you’re done, and don’t have to spend time cleaning the sink. Some beard trimmers also have water drains, so the hair gets cleaned out when water runs through and out the trimmer.

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