Moustache Beard Trimmer Adjustable Settings
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Wet/Dry Trimming

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S Cordless Moustache and beard trimmer offers wet or dry trimming options in a large variety of lengths. It is able to be fully immersed in water safely, which means that you can shave in the shower if you wish. Also, the waterproof capability makes for easy cleaning of the beard and moustache cleaner.

Easy Use and Maintenance

This Panasonic trimmer is easy to use because of the ergonomic design of the handle. It’s been made with hypoallergenic rubber on the handle so that it won’t irritate sensitive skin. There is a water drain that allows water to flow safely through the unit for easy rinsing of hair from the blades.

Cordless Technology

The ER-GB40-S comes with a charging stand that stores the trimmer. It also has an indicator light to let you know when it’s fully charged. After 15 hours of charging, it can be operated cordlessly for up to 50 minutes, making it easy and convenient to shave anywhere.


Quality Blade for Efficient Trimming

This trimmer features a full size blade that is sharp and efficient. You will get a smooth and even shave in just one or two passes, which saves you time and effort. The excellent quality of the blade also reduces the chances of pulled hairs and pain while shaving.

No Attachments

The adjustment for length is all done internally on this beard trimmer, making the ER-BG40-S Panasonic a no-muss, no-fuss beard trimmer. Just adjust the length and go.

Face and Body Capabilities

This trimmer is good for the moustache and beard, but also works well as a body hair trimmer. If you’re looking for all-purpose grooming tool, this Panasonic was designed for you.


Needs Cleaning Often

If you allow hair to collect in the blade, you will experience some negative effects like hair pulling and clogging that gives an uneven trim. If you clean the blade often, you’ll get better results. It can be inconvenient to stop shaving to run the blade under the tap.

Requires Liberal Oiling

You’ll also have to put a little extra maintenance into oiling the blade on this trimmer. If you fail to keep it oiled, you’ll have some of the same issues with hair pulling and uneven cutting.

Overall Review

Despite some extra cleaning and oiling required to keep it working great, this is an overall quality beard trimmer. This Panasonic works on wet or dry hair and can be safely used in the shower. It is easy to clean and offers a huge selection of lengths that are easily adjustable. It works well for facial hair as well as body grooming.