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Unique Blade Shape for Precision

The Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System is designed to give a smooth trim using a blade with a wave-like shape that works to move the hair fluidly through the trimmer. This results in hair that is always trimmed to even lengths.

Easy to Use Basic Trimmer

This beard trimmer and grooming system is ergonomically designed for ease of use. It comes with a travel case so that you can keep track of the wide range of attachments that come with it. The attachments are easy to use and it comes with instructions for various trimming styles so you’ll be able to get the look you want. It meets all the basic needs of facial hair maintenance.


Easy to Maintain

The attachments are easy to remove for cleaning, making for simple maintenance of the Norelco G370. This grooming system also comes with a brush designed for cleaning the blades. The blades are self-sharpening and don’t require applications of oil, which is a nice time saver.

Variety of Attachments

It comes with seven different attachments that can be used for all types of grooming purproses. This includes a full-size trimmer, beard and mustache comb and a precision trimmer. There is also a nose and eyebrow trimmer attachment included, making this a very versatile option for a beard trimmer and grooming system.

Trimming Accuracy

This beard trimmer features the Phillips Norelco AccuControl system. This means that you have precise control over the length of each attachment. The system allows the trimmer to follow the outline of your face smoothly, which makes getting a level and professional looking trim easier and faster.


AC and Battery Problems

This Phillips Norelco doesn’t work using the AC power alone. Instead, it works on a charged battery. This means you will have to charge it straight out of the box, you won’t have the option to use it immediately. Also, because of the way the battery stores the charge, you are unable to simply leave it plugged in at all times. Instead, you will have to fully charge the battery and then unplug it to prepare for the next use. This takes a little diligence and attention on the part of the consumer who may be used to leaving it plugged in all day.

Weak Parts

Although this is an overall quality product, there is a design flaw with the attachment adjuster. This piece can break, usually after the trimmer is dropped or damaged in some way. If it does happen to break, only the shortest length on the trimmer will be useable because the attachments will not work. Replacement parts can sometimes be purchased, but may not be cost effective when compared to the price of the overall unit.

Overall Review

The Phillips Norelco G370 is an option to consider for affordable beard trimmers with a large variety of attachments. It would also be a good option as an eyebrow, ear and nose hair groomer for women or men. Although the product has some weaknesses, it also has value for the retail price.