QT4050 Vacuum Beard Beard
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Quality Trim with Included Vacuum

This Philips Norelco beard trimmer includes a vacuum that catches the hair as you trim, keeping your sink cleaner and your cleanup more efficient. The 18 length settings lock securely so that you can get a smooth and even trim from 1 millimeter to 18.

Power and Battery Life

This Philips Norelco features a lithium ion rechargeable battery that offers as much as 50 minutes of cordless use after one complete charge. A complete charge takes about eight hours. There is a low battery indicator for convenience. The charger works with international voltages as well, making it a good option for travelers.


Highly Portable Design Features

This trimmer works well without the cord, and holds the charge well. An 8 hour charge will give it 50 minutes of use. This makes it really portable and convenient. It’s small and lightweight for an easy trim.

Dial Adjuster for Lengths

The built-in length adjuster uses a dial that is ergonomically designed. This means you won’t accidentally change the length in the middle of your trim, but if you need to change it, you can do so quickly and easily.

Vacuum Works Well

The vacuum on this model works well and catches most or all of the hair trimmings before they make a big mess. The hairs go into a compartment with a hinged door instead of a removable canister.


Vacuum Compartment Maintenance

Although the vacuum works well, it has to be cleaned out often in order to prevent clogging. This could mean that if you have a thick beard to trim, you’re going to have to stop often and shake the hairs out into the trash can. This can be pretty inconvenient.

Difficult Trimming on Contour

Although this trimmer comes with a contour comb, it can be difficult to get a close and even trim on the chin and jawline. Even after multiple passes, the blades might miss patches and leave long hairs on these areas.

Overall Review

This is a basic lightweight trimmer with a vacuum feature that can make cleaning up after your trim easier. Although the vacuum feature requires a lot of maintenance to keep functioning well, it does a good job. The easy length adjustments make for an efficient trim, but you may have trouble getting the even look you want around the contours of your jaw and chin.