Philips Norelco QT407041 7300
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Unique Features

The Philips Norelco QT4070/41 7300 Beard Trimmer is an option that comes with several unique features. The most notable feature is the built-in vacuum that sucks up the hairs that usually end up all over your sink. This is an excellent feature that works well and doesn’t cause any additional noise during use. It comes with an internal dial for beard and hair cutting.

Designed for Stubble Look

This Philips Norelco is designed to create the short stubble look. There is a .5 millimeter setting that perfectly trims facial hair down to the stubble, leaving it with that clean, even 5 o’clock shadow look that many professional men want.

Easy Use and Maintenance

The QT4070/41 doesn’t require any sharpening or oiling. The internal length setting is easy to use and adjust, making it simple to change lengths without having to change attachments. The design is lightweight and easy to hold.


Vacuum Makes Cleanup Easy

The built-in vacuum is a good feature that does suck up a large quantity of the trimmed hairs into the compartment, which can then be easily dumped into the trash. It may not catch all of the hairs, but it does make cleaning up the bathroom easier.

Cordless Use

This trimmer can be used cordlessly, and it works great for this purpose. The batter holds a charge for up to fifty minutes of cordless use after a one-hour charge.

Locking Feature when Not in Use

The beard trimmer features a lock so that you can prevent from accidentally turning on when it’s in storage or you’re traveling with it. This is a good safety feature that parents can appreciate.


Doesn’t Have a Stand

Although the QT4070/41 does come with a travel pouch that you can use for storage, it doesn’t come with a countertop stand. Having to simply lay the trimmer on its side causes an inconvenience and also makes for a less attractive display than other trimmers on the market.

Neck and Chin Issues

Because of the flexibility designed into the head and blade of this trimmer, it can be difficult to cut the neck and chin areas. If you prefer a very close cut on these concave areas, you will have no trouble. But if you want to keep some length on the neck and under the chin, you may have trouble getting the look you want with this trimmer.

Overall Review

The Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer7300 is a good quality trimmer with an integrated vacuum to reduce mess. The vacuum is a unique feature that works well, but not perfectly. The built-in dial makes changing trim lengths fluid and easy, and the easy care of the product is a plus.