Remington HC5550 Beard
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A Trimmer that Fits Busy Lifestyles

The Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut and Beard Trimmer features design elements that makes it a good choice for busy lifestyles and men who travel often. Because you can use the HC5550 cordless, it can give a fast trim without having to worry about rearranging the cord while you go.

All-Purpose Hair Removal

The HC5550 Precision Power trimmer can be used for a variety of hair removal purposes. If you remove the attachment, it can be used to shave body hair safely and smoothly. The haircut attachments can be used all over the head. It can be used safely on pets as well.

Simple Maintenance

In addition to being an easy trimmer to travel with, the Remington HC5550 is also easy to maintain. The blades and attachments are easy to clean and they snap off with no problem so that you can get all of the hair out after your trim is done. The blades are self-sharpening which is another nice feature for simple maintenance.


Multiple Charge Options

Perhaps the best thing for travelers when it comes to this Remington is the fact that it comes with the ability to be charged either in the wall or using a USB port. This means that you can charge it as you would many of your other devices using your laptop. Great for international travel.

Good Battery Life

In addition to the charge options, the battery also offers a long life. This means that once you charge it, you can take it on an overnight or weekend trip with no need to charge.

Attractive Design

This trimmer is designed to look like a very expensive and quality unit. This trimmer will look good on your bathroom countertop. It has a heavy feel, which makes it feel very well-made. It comes with a quality carrying case.


Not Great for Short Beards

This Remington is great for cutting hair, but the attachments are not designed for a closely trimmed beard. If you like a very short beard trim, this model may not have a short enough attachment for you. It’s designed for longer beards and haircuts.

Attachments can Break

While the trimmer is made with a high level of Remington quality, the HC5550 attachments are not up to the same standards. They can break easily during normal use or during travel.

Overall Review

This Remington Precision Haircut and Beard Trimmer is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes including body and facial hair. It is not designed to give a close beard trim, but the cordless feature and USB charge capability make it a good option for haircuts, body shaving and longer beards, especially for frequent travelers.