The Modern Hair Clipper Kit
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Sleek Design and Improved Battery Life

The TRYM II Rechargeable Hair Clipper is a redesign correcting some of the imperfections of the first TRYM Rechargeable Modern hair clipper. The blade is sharper and the battery life extended over the previous model. It is a professional quality trimmer designed for a quality cut.

Powerful Trimmer

The TRYM II has a lot of power and a good battery life. It comes charged so that it can be used directly out of the box. The high power motor means that it doesn’t balk at any hair, no matter how thick and wiry.

Quality Parts

While breaking attachments are a concern with almost every other trimmer on the market, the TRYM II Modern has been designed with professional grade attachments. They stand up to everyday use and resist breakage, eliminating the common problem of having to replace an entire unit just because your favorite attachment broke.


Sleek Modern Look

The design of the TRYM II is modern and streamlined. It actually looks really good on the bathroom countertop and fits in with modern interior designs.

Clean Professional Cut

The strong power of the motor and ultra-sharp blades add up to a clean and smooth cut. This trimmer makes it efficient and easy to give yourself a barber shop quality result at home.

Lightweight and Compact

Holding a heavy trimmer for a long time can become exhausting. Luckily, the TRYM II is lightweight, making it more comfortable if you have to do a long grooming session. The base is compact and doesn’t take up too much room on the counter.

Four Attachments Included

The TRYM II comes with four attachments for even better results. This may not be enough variety if you’re looking to use it for both beard trimming and hair cutting but if you plan to use it for close beard trimming and shaving, you will have everything you need.


Needs to be cleaned

The TRYM II  blades need to be cleaned regularly. If you fail to clean the unit properly, you can experience loss of power as well as pulling and pinching as the blades try to cut.

Overall Review

This trimmer has a sleek appearance and compact design and comes with 4 extra attachments. The high powered motor, sleek design and quality-made attachments will make this a great choice helping with any shaving and trimming needs.