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Environmentally Friendly Technology

The Wahl 9854-600 trimmer features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that holds a solid charge. It also has a feature that allows it to be more energy efficient – after you plug it in to charge, it shuts itself down when it’s done charging. This is a unique feature compared to other trimmers that continue to use power even after they are fully charged.

Variety of Grooming Uses

This Wahl trimmer has several grooming blades to fit multiple purposes. It comes with a trimmer blade to keep beards looking smooth. It has a detailer for your nose, brows and ears. There’s a dual shaver for precision trimming or an allover close shave. There’s also a clipper for barbershop fades and trims.


Reliable Power

This is a powerful trimmer that reliably holds a charge. The lithium ion battery is efficient and one charge will last for a very long time.

Excellent Cutting for Coarse Hair

If you have wiry hair on your face or body, this trimmer can help. It features sharp blades and a high powered motor that can power through tough hair. This makes it a great choice for an all-purpose groomer able to handle even the toughest spots.

Attachments are Quality

This Wahl offers attachments that are high quality that won’t break like some other trimmers on the market. The heads easily come off and pop back on without much effort.


Short Life Span

Although this may start off as your favorite trimmer ever, after a few months you might start to notice it lagging. It may not last you for more than a year without losing power or the ability make clean cuts. Keeping it clean will extend the life.

Not Water Resistant

If you’re interested in shaving in the shower, this is not an option for you. Also, you need to dry the heads after washing or the unit can begin to develop rust within the steel blades of the detachable heads. Again, some maintenance is required to maintain the quality of the Wahl trimmer.

Overall Review

The Wahl all-in-one trimmer is a high powered grooming tool that can handle extremely thick and wiry hair. It works for all over haircuts and beard maintenance as well as precision grooming on the face and body. It does require a little extra maintenance. You’ll have to make sure the blades stay clean and dry to keep it working really well, and if you fail to do this it will shorten the life of the product.