Top 10 Best Electric Kettles of 2020

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Best Electric Kettles 2020: Questions & Answers

Why should I get an electric kettle?

If you make tea, coffee, instant soup, hot chocolate, and anything else that requires hot water, you can benefit greatly from an electric kettle. An electric kettle allows you heat up a large amount of water much faster than a microwave is able to, so you save time and energy. Using one is also much faster and safer than boiling water over a stove; many kettles include safety features like locking lids and cool-touch handles. You can even make pasta with them, really:

How many watts should my kettle have?

Most electric tea kettles have a range of about 1000-1500 watts. The more watts the kettle has, the faster it will be able to boil water. It will also be able to boil more water faster than if the kettle had lower watts. You really don’t want to get a kettle much lower than 1500 if you want to boil at least a liter or more of water, because then it wouldn’t be much faster than if you just used the microwave or stovetop.

How much water do they hold?

An electric kettle’s capacity is typically measured in liters, quarts, or cups. In terms of conversion, 1 liter is just over 4 cups; 1 quart is exactly 4 cups, making 1 liter only a little less than 1 quart. When deciding about what size kettle to get, think about how many people will need hot water. If it is the morning, a family of four might need a 10-cup kettle if everyone wants two cups of their hot drink. A large kettle is also a good idea if you are purchasing it for an office, so you can boil large amounts of water at one time. If you don’t want to boil the whole capacity every time, a built-in water gauge is a great feature that lets you decide how much water you need to use.

How fast do electric tea kettles boil water?

How fast an electric kettle boils water depends on the power and the capacity. A small kettle with a high wattage will boil very fast, while lower wattages will have trouble with a lot of water. In general, a 1500-watt kettle is able to boil 1 liter of water in 4 minutes. This is much faster than a microwave, which is unable to heat that much water that quickly.

How much do they tend to weigh?

Electric kettles are lightweight appliances and usually only weigh a few pounds without water. This makes them easy for everyone to use, including children and senior citizens. The shape of certain kettles can sometimes make them awkward to store, but they are usually small enough to fit in most organized cupboards.

Do they come with any preset heating functions?

The more expensive electric kettles often include preset heating functions for specific temperatures, like 145-degrees, 160-degrees, and so on. This makes it much easier to heat water for certain drinks, like white and green teas, which must steep in lower temps or they become bitter. Higher temperatures are best for drinks like coffee, as well as instant soup or noodles.

What’s the advantage of getting a cordless electric kettle?

Cordless kettles aren’t literally cordless; the cords just don’t come out of the side of the kettle body. Instead, the kettle rests on a base separate from the kettle that is connected to a power source with a cord. You can lift the kettle off the base for serving, and this makes the kettle cordless. The cords are often built into a 360-degree swivel base, and can be adjusted to very short or longer lengths. The rotating base makes it easy to keep the cord organized and tangle-free. It also makes it safer, since you aren’t as likely to spill hot water on the cord when it is hidden beneath the base.

What timer features do they have?

Time features like a keep-warm function or memory mode are usually on more expensive electric kettles. The keep-warm function maintains the water at a certain temperature for up to 30 minutes, so if you come back for a second or third cup, the water will be at the right temperature, or you can set it to a rolling boil again much quicker. The memory function works by pausing a cycle when you remove the kettle from the base. When you return the kettle, the cycle starts up again without needing to reset.

What features ensure my electric kettle lasts a long time?

The first thing to look for on an electric kettle built to last are its parts. A kettle with plastic parts is more likely to wear down faster. You want a kettle made entirely or almost entirely out of metal, like stainless steel. Another feature that keeps the kettle in top shape is boil-dry protection. When water boils for a long time, it can damage the heating element. The boil-dry protection will automatically shut-off the kettle when the water is at a rolling boil, so it doesn’t continue to boil and hurt the kettle.

How safe are electric kettles?

Electric kettles come with risks because they use electricity and hold boiling water. Features like tight locking lids and no-drip spouts help a lot and keep you safe from accidental burns. Cool-touch handles and bottoms are also very safe, and prevent burning if you rub or bump up against the kettle while it is on.

Is it hard to keep them clean?

The only real concern with electric kettles is that unpurified water (like water from the tap) can cause mineral deposits to build up in the kettle. Removable scale filters, which are included in many electric tea kettles, help prevent this build-up. For the exterior, smudges and other kitchen grime can be easily wiped off with clean rags.

What’s the price range on electric kettles?

$30-$40 is reasonably affordable for a good electric kettle. You can always find appliances like kettles for much cheaper, but you sacrifice quality, and will likely have to buy a new one very soon. These affordable, but reliable kettles are usually pretty basic, and don’t include preset temperature functions. Electric kettles with presets can be very expensive, especially if they are from big brands like Cuisinart. You could be paying upwards of $100 on very high-quality electric kettles that are packed with special features. If you are looking for something reliable, but affordable, look at brands like Hamilton Beach or Chef’s Choice.

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