Top 10 Best Electric Shavers of 2020

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Best Electric Shavers 2020: Questions & Answers

What makes an electric razor better than a straight razor or disposable razor?

An electric razor gives you a close, all-over shave without nicks, cuts, or skin irritation. An electric razor is completely safe to use and your skin is protected from ever coming in contact with the blades, unlike straight razors or disposable razors that can leave lacerations on your face. An electric razor can also save you time, as you won’t have to go back because you missed a spot, and work great for coarse hair that can be hard to remove with a regular razor. You will also experience much less skin irritation because you aren’t scraping a blade against your skin.

How does an electric razor work?

There are many different types of electric razors. There are foil razors, rotary razors, and razors with circular blades and razors with horizontal blades. Both foil and rotary razors use the same essential method to remove hair: a mesh, metal “comb” or grating at the surface of the razor’s head catches the hair in the grating without catching your skin. Then, blades underneath the metal comb move back and forth to slice the hair off. The main difference is the type of movement and the type of grate; foil razors oscillate back and forth, and use a mesh grating, while rotary razors spin in a circle and the grate is circular, with angled grooves.

Should I get a foil or rotary electric razor?

Both rotary and foil razors have their own particular benefits. Foil razors tend to work better on coarse, rough hair and give a closer, more blade-like shave. Foil razors are more like shaving with a disposable razor than rotary razors, so the motion will be familiar for most users. On the other hand, rotary razors tend to be quieter than foil razors and are better at following the lines of your face, making it easier to shave your neck and chin.

Should I get circular blades or horizontal blades?

The shape of the blades are really a matter of your comfort rather than functionality. In general, Philips Norelco razors come with circular blades, whereas Braun or Panasonic razors come with horizontal blades. Horizontal blades can be handy if you’re really used to shaving with a straight razor or disposable razors, because they have the same sort of design. Other than that, you can’t go wrong, so select your razor based on its other features.

What other features should I look for in an electric razor?

Some good features to keep in mind when shopping for an electric razor include a pop-out trimmer, fast charging time, automatic shut-off, and a low battery indicator.

What is a pop-out trimmer?

A pop-out trimmer is a common feature on many higher-end razor models, like Panasonic and Braun. A pop-out trimmer gives you the option to trim other facial hair or body hair using a smaller razor. It’s a handy way to take care all of your grooming with one device.

Why does fast charging time matter?

You want a razor that charges quickly so that if you ever need to shave and find that your razor is not performing at top power. The best shavers can be fully charged in as little as 45 or as much as 90 minutes.

What does automatic shut-off mean?

Automatic shut-off turns the charger and razor off when it’s reached a complete charge. Overcharging a battery can damage its ability to hold a charge, so automatic shut-off is very helpful for preserving the efficacy of your electric razor.

What are the benefits of a low battery indicator?

A low battery indicator can help you avoid having to walk around with only half a shave. An electric razor with a low battery indicator will let you know whether your razor is charged enough to shave, or if you need to let it charge. Otherwise, you could start shaving only to have the razor run out of power half-way through.

Should I buy an electric razor that has a cord?

Many rechargeable razors also come with a cord that can be plugged into the razor as you use it for a steady stream of power. This can help you if you need to shave in a pinch and don’t have time for your shaver to recharge, but it can also limit your mobility during the shaving process.

Should I get a razor with a pivoting head?

A pivoting head is almost essential to a comfortable shaving experience. You have curves and contours on your face, and you want to be sure that your razor makes it possible to reach every spot. A pivoting head gives you a range of angles and increases the usability of your razor.

How long will an electric razor run on a full charge?

Depends. Most Norelco razors can run for up to 60 minutes per charge, while many Panasonic models can run for 45 minutes. You want to make sure that the electric razor you choose has at least 45 minutes of running time on a full charge.

Can I use an electric razor on wet or dry hair?

Depending on the type of razor, yes. Some razors are suitable for use on either wet or dry hair, while others can only be used on dry hair. If you have sensitive, irritable skin, you will probably want to opt for a wet/dry razor in order to make shaving more comfortable because you can use creams or lotions.

Do I need to clean an electric razor?

Yes, you will want to make sure your electric razor is cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning will keep your razor running like new. Usually you only need to remove the mesh grate and run the blades under warm water. Many razors come with a cleaning brush, and there are also entire cleaning kits you can buy separately, but you really don’t need to do much to maintain your razors cleanliness.

Will I have to replace the head on my electric razor?

Yes, you can expect to change the blades on your razor every six months or so depending on how much you use it. Some razors, specifically high-quality Remington or Norelco razors, don’t need replacement blades for as much as two years. You can extend your blades’ lifetime and quality by applying blade oil regularly.

How much should I expect to spend on an electric razor?

You can expect to spend between $30 to $200 dollars on an electric razor. The higher quality your razor, the more expensive it will be. If that seems like a lot of money for a razor, consider that you need to buy temporary razors, which can be priced at as much as $30, on a regular basis, whereas an electric razor is mostly a one-time investment that could last you ten years or more. You do need to consider the cost of replacing the head on your razor, which could cost you $25 or more every year or two.

Will I need time to adjust to using an electric razor?

You will probably see a little bit of irritation the first few times you use an electric razor, because it takes some time for your skin to get used to the new experience. However, this generally subsides quickly, after which you will not see any irritation or redness.

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver
The 4-blade cutting system with 30 degree Nano Blades, combined with the Multi-Flex pivoting head allows for a gentle yet through shaving. The powerful patented Panasonic Linear Motor guarantees a close shave while preventing skin irritation. The shaver can be used for dry shaving as well as with shaving gel or foam and it because it is 100% waterproof it can even be used while showering. The shaving head features four independent blades for enhanced contour-following. Because the head itself is quite big, it cannot really be used for shaping the beard or the sideburns but this is where the built-in pop-up trimmer comes in handy. After a 1-hour full charge, the unit can be used for a shaving time of up to 45 minutes.
The Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver
The 380S-4 presents itself as a compact and effective shaver that features the SensoFoil technology for a comfortable and thorough shaving. The surgical easy-to-clean stainless steel foils equipped shaving head is specially designed for cutting long and short hairs alike. The head follows the natural contours of the face and neck providing an even shaving without damaging the skin. The 380S-4 mode is a great appliance to use at home as well as on the road since the SmartPlug charger is compatible with both 100v and 240v power sources. The waterproof design allows for both wet and dry shavings and makes this shaver a shower-safe gadget. It also features a pop-up precision trimmer that can be used for trimming the beard as well as the sideburns.
The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver
This electric shaver features a 4-blade ultra-thin foil cutting system for a thorough and even shaving. It can be used for dry shaving as well as for wet shaving with gel or foam. The 100% waterproof design allows for safe shaving even in the shower. The whole device is power up by the patented Panasonic Linear Motor that operates at approximately 13.000 rotations per minute unlike other conventional razors that operate at speeds between 8.000 and 10.000 rotations per minute. The shaver also features an LCD display that indicates the battery charge level as well as a cleaning reminder. After a full charge, the shaver can be used for two weeks. The built-in trimmer can be used for precision trimming of the beard or the sideburns.
Review of the Philips Norelco 1150X/46 SensoTouch Electric Razor
Dressed up in a sleek futuristic design, this electric shaver uses the Gyroflex 2D face contour-following system for a thorough yet gentle shaving. The DualPrecission shaving head is designed to shave both long hairs and short stubbles, providing a smooth and even shave. The electric shaver also features the Aquatec Technology which enables the user to shave wet using gel or foam as well as dry. After an hour of charging, the SensoTouch shaver can be used for up to 40 minutes of shaving. It also has an easy-to-clean integrated hair chamber and since it can be cleaned with water, it will not make a mess when opened. Dual-voltage function turns this electric shaver into a handy gadget for traveling.
Reviewed: Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver
Designed for wet shaving as well as for dry shaving the Braun 3Series offers 30% less skin irritation than the regular rotary systems. The sport-like convenient design and the SensoFoil technology turn this gadget into a very handy appliance that performs well at home as well as on the road. The shaving heads are designed out of high quality stainless steel foils that ensure a thorough shaving. The built-in precision trimmer can be effectively used for contouring the beard, the moustache or the sideburns. For added convenience, the 340S-4 shaver is fully waterproof making it useable even under the shower or with shaving gels. A small LED display informs the user about the battery level and charging status. The dual-voltage feature makes this shaver compatible with both 110v and 220v power sources.
The Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor
Ergonomic professional design and flexing shaving heads make this electric shaver perfect for home as well as for traveling. The Dual precision shaving system ensures an effective shaving for long and short hairs alike while the flexing heads follow every contour of the face and neck. The Powertouch razor also features an integrated pop-up trimmer that can be efficiently used for a close-up grooming routine. The razor head is removable and easy-to-clean under running water with the help of the pack-included cleaning brush. Powertouch can be used while plugged in or cordless. The worldwide compatible dual-voltage feature makes it perfect for traveling. The producer recommends changing the shaving heads at least once every 12 months for a continued proper shaving experience.
The Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil Shaver
This sleek professional looking electric shaver offers a number of extremely convenient features that turn it into a very handy gadget to have at home or on the road. Unlike most of the electric shavers, Remington F5 uses the Interceptor Shaving Technology. The shaving heads use sharp surgical steel foils that effortlessly follow the contours of the face and neck providing a smooth and close shaving. The foils can be easily cleaned if placed under running water. The shaver also has a built-in pop-up detail trimmer that is perfect for the daily grooming. The rechargeable battery has powers the shaver for up to 60 minutes of constant shaving. If this is not enough, the shaver can be used all the same while plugged in.
Review of the Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Men’s Shaver
Unlike most of the electric shavers Braun’s 790cc features the innovative Pulsonic Technology that uses around 10.000 micro vibrations per minute in order to better capture the hair. The shaver also features three different Personalization Modes for custom shaving styles varying from intensive shaving to a gentler option for sensible skin. The shaving head is designed to follow the contours of the face and to capture any flat-lying hair for an even and thorough shaving. The electric shaver comes with a separate independent unit that acts as both as a charger and a sanitizer to keep the shaving head clean and lubricated while charging the shaver at the same time. 790cc also has a pop-up precision trimmer. The device fully charges in just five minutes and can last for up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving.
The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver
Equipped with sharp nanotech blades and arced foil, and a turbo cleaning mode that accelerates the shaver to 17.000 rotations per minute, this electric shaver is surely an effective tool. The adjusting pivotal shaving head follows the natural contours of the face and neck for a precise yet delicate shaving. The shaver can be used for both dry and wet shaving and it can also be used in the shower. A pop-up trimmer allows for precision trimming of the sideburns or the beard. The battery charge level is displayed on an intuitive LCD display that also alerts the user when the shaver needs to be charged. The shaver supports dual voltage conversion, making it a perfect gadget for internationally traveling.
Reviewed: Philips Norelco 1250X/46 SensoTouch Electric Razor
The Gyroflex 3D contour-following system allows this Norelco electric shaver to provide a thorough even shaving on the face as well as on the neck. This design allow the shaving head to independently flex outward, pivot around, and tilt inward in order to pick up and cut short and long hairs alike. The Aquatec feature enables the user to use this shaver for wet or dry shaving. The gadget is also fully waterproof and it can be safely used under the shower without being damaged. The built-in pop-up trimmer is idea for moustache and sideburns precise trimming. The battery can power up the shaver for a continuous shaving of up to 50 minutes. The adaptable voltage function makes it compatible worldwide AC power sources making it a great appliance for traveling.

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